World Pharmacist Day (Rally & Nukkad Natak)

World Pharmacist Day (Rally & Nukkad Natak)

Department: Pharmacy

Open for Pharmacy Students and Faculty  Members.

Activity: World Pharmacist Day (Rally & Nukkad Natak)

Date 25/09/2023.

Title: World Pharmacist Day Celebration on theme  “Pharmacists Strengthening Health Systems Angdaan Mahadan”

Brief description/ Remarks:  

 The Faculty of Pharmacy has organized World Pharmacist Day Celebration  on theme “Pharmacists Strengthening Health Systems Angdaan MahadanOn the occasion of World Pharmacist Day on 25th September, A huge Pharmacy  rally was organized by the staff & students of B.R. Nahata College of Pharmacy. 

 Hon’ble Secretary of BRNSS, Shri Surendra Ji Nahata Sir was Started  the rally by flagging off from Gandhi Chouraha in the city and the rally was  ended at Maharana Pratap Bus Stand. Along with the rally, a Nukkad Natak was  presented by the students to spread the message of Organ Donation “Angdan  Mahadan” to the people at Gandhi Chouraha and Maharana Pratap Bus Stand.  

 The rally was welcomed by Mandsaur Pharmacists Association and other  organizations by showering flowers in front of the Government Hospital.  Pharmacy Students have also been participated in Blood Donation  at Civil Hospital Mandsaur.  

 The objective of this World Pharmacist Day Celebration is to make the  society aware of the role of pharmacist. For this purpose, the message of Organ  Donation “Angdan Mahadan” was spread to the common people in the city by  the students of the Pharmacy, Mandsaur University.

Outcome: All the Pharmacy students (500+) actively participated in the Pharma  Rally & Nukkad Natak. They learnt about general health awareness Pharmacists  Strengthening Health Systems Angdaan Mahadan.

Event Coordinated By; Dr. Vishal Soni, Dr. Naveen Choudhary, Ms. Kajal  Mudgal, Mr. Karan Gupta, Mr. Vinod Parihar

Prepared and Submitted by: Dr. Rupesh Soni Principal & Professor, BRNCOP,  Faculty of Pharmacy, Mandsaur University