On a daily basis, the department maintains grounds and athletic sports facilities, manages the recycling programme and sustainable waste initiatives, custodial services, provides preventative maintenance, and ensures efficient and safe transportation services. We provide quality facilities in an efficient and sustainable manner that enables Mandsaur University to excel in teaching, research, and service to the community. Whether you’re studying, socialising, playing sport, enjoying the arts or planning your career, the University of Mandsaur facilities are simply world-class.


Learning facilities: Study anywhere, any time using the MU provides first-class learning facilities. As well as world-class teaching, you’ll find an array of study resources here, all designed to empower you to succeed.


Social facilities: Social life at the University is vibrant and diverse both on and off campus. Our campuses are home to a wide variety of social spaces playground, cafeteria, gardens in which to meet friends, relax and unwind, or enjoy some of the best entertainments around.


Sports facilities: Whatever your sport, you’ll be at home at the MU. Whether you are a complete beginner or a budding pro, the Sports Village is home to a wide range of activities, classes and state-of-the-art sports training facilities and services. There is also an Active Students offering free sports sessions on and around campus.


Art facilities: The University enjoys a lively arts scene, with our very own theater and galleries drawing in fantastic productions and creations from all over the world. Our links with the arts community, both locally and in India.


Career facilities: The Campus provides an over the counter service and advice to students and staff at the University.