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Faculty Of Engineering

Engineering is one of the earliest forms of technical studies, which has been vital in setting up the global standard of brilliance in the various disciplines of science and innovative technology. It has also delivered innumerable assets and utilities to the society, contributing to the welfare of humanity. The Faculty of Engineering plays the central role of grooming and developing engineers and technical experts who play the role of framing lives not only in the form of technology, but also in the form of life sciences. Pioneering motives are at the heart of what engineers do, to approach set-backs and thereby generating remarkable new technological advances. With our elite league of faculties, we focus on developing students who have the passion and desire to serve and impact society through the use of innovative technology, along with nurtured interpersonal skills. As the Faculty of Engineering, we ensure a 360-degree learning experience to our students by providing a wide range of academic exposure which includes expert talks, seminars, workshops and industrial visits. To keep up with the ever-changing trends, we continuously create platforms where students express their engineering innovation through practical exhibitions and projects where students can learn, enhance, develop and engineer the future.

Why Study Engineering?

Engineering offers diverse blend of programs, which have utility in versatile areas of life, thus guaranteeing the highest level of career satisfaction as it suits the academic requirements of every engineering aspirant.

The 21st century is characterized by an ever-growing scope of innovation, thus an exposure to engineering allows students to effectively navigate the new and modern trends in engineering technology.

Engineering provides practical solutions designed to meet the needs and requirements of the human society, thus the utility of an Engineer is synchronized with the existence of humanity. In other words as long as humanity still exists, an engineer is always needed.

Upon graduation, an Engineer is exposed to a wide range of career prospects, from either pursuing a career as an Engineer, or pursuing his own innovation through the scope of entrepreneurship.

What makes MU Faculty of Engineering unique?

The Faculty of Engineering features numerous programs which encompass ultra-modern techniques designed to give the finest Engineering exposure.

To motivate the students, the Faculty of Engineering creates various platforms for inspiration where students can learn and develop their innovative elements.

The faculty aims at providing a systematic form of evaluation and feedback to the students, therefore facilitating a more comprehensive learning platform.

Our strategic international ties, allow us to provide students with the finest platforms for international exposure, with the most elite forms of collaborative research projects.


Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur.

Education is evolving at a faster pace than any other period in recent history.  The curriculum is aligned as per the industry’s requirement to meet tomorrow’s challenges for the budding engineers and technocrats.  Our dedicated team of faculty members are skilled to solve tough problems, collaborate effectively, and express ideas in innovative ways. Various MoUs have been established with the industry. Our curriculum focuses on practical exposure, industry-aligned syllabus, problem-solving, and coding. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to  face future prospects.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology comprises of four departments – Computer science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering. Each department offers undergraduate, postgraduate & Ph.D. programs and is also running different domain-specific specialized programs to fulfill the requirements of skilled professionals as per market demand.


Our Teaching Learning Process includes activity based learning, workshops, certification courses from industry leading certification authorities. We use Google classroom for the learning management system. In Google Classroom, teachers have uploaded more than 1000 videos and study materials for the students.  

Every department has identified their Thrust areas like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Electric Vehicle, Structure and Robotics and Automation. We conduct various activities throughout the year aligned with the thrust area.

Training and Placement Cell and faculty members from academics guide our students to choose their  career as per their aspirations. More than 80 companies visit our campus every year from various sectors to recruit our industry-ready students 


A Platform For Comprehensive Learning

62 Expert Lectures By Faculty From IIM, NIT, & NSD.

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