Much has changed in India and in the higher education sector in last few years. We are living in an age of momentum of knowledge and innovation where the key to success lies with the ability to create new knowledge and discover new ideas. With this thought, we are trying to perform the multiple roles of creating new knowledge, acquiring new capabilities and producing an intelligent human resource pool for the promotion of economic growth, cultural development, social cohesion and equity.

Our students expect a relevant, contemporary learning experience that will prepare them for life and careers in a rapidly changing world. Our governments, our partners and our citizens expect excellence and a clear return on their investment in us.

Apart from strengthening the teaching-learning process, research and extension programme, special focus on value based education, sports, extracurricular and other similar activities, to foster global competencies among the students, is our priority.

Our role, as it has been for nineteen years, is to ensure that our graduates are able to thrive in any environment, with the skills and values to enable life-long success. Therefore we must continue to be brave, to be savvy in seizing the opportunities of the future, and in ensuring that our people are inspired and enabled to access our education and research, so that our communities move to the next level of excellence and relevance.

Once again, I call on those whose lives have been touched by Mandsaur, to join  me in achieving our vision – that we will be India’s premier university in driving the digital frontier, to enable education for the jobs of the future and research, that makes a difference to the communities we serve.