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About Mandsaur Institute Physical Education

Promotion of sports is one of the major concerns of our modern society. Excellence in sports is possible on the sound foundation of ‘physical education’ and ‘movement education’.

In the contemporary scenario, success in physical education and sports depends upon the quality of leaders who are well prepared through formal and informal acquisitions of multidimensional knowledge, training in the specialized discipline and its effective transaction.

Having realized the challenges of the 21st century, the Mandsaur University felt a genuine need of setting up a most modern and well equipped Physical Education department with a firm commitment to produce innovative sports leaders, managers and administrators who will be proactive in facing health and fitness Challenges with a mix of modern and traditional methods and approaches.

The university has well qualified committed and competent teacher educators to shape the personalities of teacher trainees into successful professionals. Experts from various fields of physical education and visiting faculty are invited on a regular basis for enrichment lectures and intellectual guidance to the trainees.

The university goes beyond the prescribed curriculum to ensure all round development of the teacher trainees. Many value additions are provided to them like enhancing personal behavioral, skills, leadership/military training camp, language proficiency classes, yoga/meditation for all etc. The department takes pride in excellent placement records.



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Department Infrastructure

HOD'S Message

I praise our almighty God for His abundant blessings showered over Department of Physical Education, Mandsaur University in preparing the physical education leaders of high academic caliber. The service rendered by our University is enormous. I thank God for an opportunity given to me to be in the midst of administrators who are administrating our University. The seed became a big banyan tree and giving education in Sports and bright future to the young students. Hence I am proudly joining my hands with the community of Mandsaur University and do the needful for the future development of Department of Physical Education in producing academicians and eminent sports personnel in India and abroad.

Dr. Bhushan Kekre Head Of Depsrtment


M.P.Ed.,P.G.D.Y.Ed., UGC –NET, Ph.D.

23 + Years Experience In Physical Education

Department of Physical Education

Mandsaur University, Mandsaur, M.P.


 Bachelor Of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.)

Program outcome

Why Study Physical Educations



Apply the knowledge of basic sciences that may be relevant and appropriate to physical education and sports sciences leading to solution of complex sports related issues and problems.



Ability to Identify, define the actual requirements, formulate, research literature, and analyze complex physical education and sports sciences related problems to reaching substantiated conclusions.



Ability to design, implement, and evaluate process or program to meet desired needs in the field of physical education and sport sciences.



Understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, social issues and responsibilities in teaching, learning and evaluation.



Ability to communicate effectively among a range of audiences/ stakeholders

Duration: 2 years (Semester System)


Constituent College of MU


The candidate shall have passed HSC or 10+2 examination from any stream.


For admissions please visit our portal to register/login yourself and proceed ahead with your admission application.

Facilities/laboratories in Department

com lab

Computer Lab

Equipped with a total of 15 computer laboratories which are strategically designed to provide students with the most vital practical training exposure. Each lab allows students to develop and shape


Anatomy & Phyiology Lab

Exercise Physiology is a science dealing with the effects of exercise on structural and functional aspects of human physiology both at cellular as well as systemic levels. The instruments in the lab measure the effects of the exercise of various physiological phenomenons.



To maintain health and fitness, gym is available to students and staff. The gym facility is made available to the neighbourhood after college hours.


Physiotherapy Lab

The Physiotherapy Lab functions 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) from 9am-4.15pm.
The main objectives are as follows:

  1.  To create awareness in the society about physiotherapy and its effects in health and fitness management.
  2. To provide effective service for pain management.
  3. To assess, diagnose and treat the conditions efficiently

 To implement proper follow-up strategies and keep a track of recovery and prognosis.


Yoga Hall

The University lays due emphasis not only on the academic growth of its students but also on their holistic development. The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental domains to achieve a peaceful body and mind and it helps manage stress and anxiety. It also helps in increasing flexibility. Keeping these benefits of practicing yoga in mind, the University has allocated a spacious Yoga hall, where students, faculty and staff practice yoga and meditation.

Play Ground

Play Ground

Playgrounds provide the opportunity for students to practice skills that will ultimately play a role in adult competencies such as the ability to collaborate with others.


Psychology Lab

The Department of Physical Education has a lab of sports psychology which was established with the aim for research and teaching.

1)  All students of the department have access to instruments for conducting experiments.

2)  Research scholars, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students have access to all psychological tests available in the lab

3) Everyone can use/ get issued instruments/psychological tests as per the rule.



Mr. Lakhan Sharma

SAI Coach (Gymnastic) at NSEC, Kolkata, India

(B.P.Ed. Batch 2016)

Mr. Abdul Razzak

Sports Officer,

Govt. College Daloda, M.P.

(B.P.Ed. Batch 2008-09)

Mr. Manish Panchal

Sports Officer,

Govt. Girls College Mandsaur

(B.P.Ed. Batch 2013-14)

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Salvi

PTI, GSSS Lohargarh,

Dhariyawad, Rajasthan

(B.P.Ed. Batch 2014-15)

Mr. Basant Chawla

GSSS Basai Roopwas,

Bharatpur, Rajasthan

        (B.P.Ed. Batch 2016-18)

Mrs. Dharna Parihar

PGT Physical Education,

Singhania Global Academy (CBSE), Jaipur, Rajasthan

(B.P.Ed. Batch 2011-12)

Mr. Dipesh Chandra Purohit

Sports Officer,

Government Arts & Science College, Ratlam, M.P.

(B.P.Ed. Batch 2008-09)