Industry-Academia Interaction

Industry-Academia Interaction

Department:  Department of Civil Engineering

Year/semester:  B. Tech and Diploma Students

Activity: Industry-Academia Interaction.

Date and Duration: 09/10/2023, 3 hours (12:30 am to 03:30 pm)

Title: Industry-Academia Interaction.

Resource person/agency and affiliation:  

Mr. Gaurav Airan, Director, Real Apple Consultancy House. 

Mr. Manish Patidar, HR Head, Real Apple Consultancy House. 

Co-ordinated by:  

Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh (HoD, Civil Engg. Dept., MU)

Brief description / remarks:  

I am pleased to provide you with a report on the industry-Academia Interaction conducted by the  Department of Civil Engineering in collaboration with Real Apple Consultancy House on October  9, 2023. This event aimed to foster cooperation between our academic institution and industry  professionals to promote knowledge sharing and to bridge the gap between theoretical and  practical aspects of the field. 

Event Highlights: 

 The event included the following key activities and sessions: 

 Inaugural Address: The event began with a warm welcome from Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh   (HoD, CE Dept). 

Technical Presentations: Experts from Real Apple Consultancy House, Mr. Gaurav  Airan delivered technical presentations on different projects in the field of civil  engineering. Topics covered included Valuation, Real Estate Work, Estimation etc. 

HR Presentation: A HR presentation is also included as a part of Interaction. Mr. Manish  Patidar, HR, Head interacted with the students and explain the process of recruitment,  skills, training required by the companies and other HR related details to the students. • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Students had the opportunity to engage in interactive Q&A  sessions with the industry experts, allowing for a deeper understanding of the subject  matter.

The industry-Academia Interaction yielded several positive outcomes: 

• Enhanced understanding: Students gained a deeper understanding of real-world  applications and challenges in civil engineering. 

• Networking opportunities: Students had the chance to interact with industry  professionals, creating potential avenues for internships and job placements. 

In conclusion, the industry-Academia Interaction with Real Apple Consultancy House  on October 9, 2023, was a significant step towards strengthening the ties between  academia and industry in the field of civil engineering. We look forward to nurturing  these relationships and continuing to provide valuable experiences to our students.

No. of participants: 29

Prepared by: Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh

Verified and submitted by (HOD/HOI): Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh