Mock Interview Round-I

Mock Interview Round-I

Department: –   Electrical & Electronics Engineering

 Year/sem: – B.Tech. 3rd Year/ 6th Sem

Activity: “Mock Interview Round-I”

Date and Duration:  23/04/2024 (Tuesday) (01 Day)

Title: “Mock Interview Round-I”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:    Internal Faculty Coordinators: Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki & Mr. Kapil Kumar Badoliya

Brief description / remarks: 

Facing interviews is very important with theoretical and practical knowledge for an Engineer that makes him/her a complete Engineer. An activity “Mock Interview-I” for B. Tech students on 23/04/2024 was organized by EEE Department.

The primary objective of this initiative is to equip students with the necessary confidence for placement drives. In such scenarios, quick thinking is crucial, and organizing these activities assists students in developing this attribute. Through structured guidance, students engage in interview practice sessions and refine their resume writing skills. Mock interviews encompass both general and technical questions, providing students with a comprehensive preparation experience. Immediate feedback, both verbal and written, is provided by faculty members on students’ interview performance and professional demeanor. These activities effectively cultivate students’ resume preparation skills and familiarize them with the interview environment.


  1. Cultivate confidence in students regarding their interviewing abilities. 
  2. Mitigate stress and anxiety surrounding the interviewing process through this activity. 
  3. Aid students in preparing for behavioral-based interview questions. 
  4. Offer students constructive feedback within a calm and supportive environment.

No. of participants: 14

Prepared by:  Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki & Mr. Kapil Kumar Badoliya

Verified by (HOD/HOI): HOD: Mr. Virendra Jain