Organized National Workshop on the occasion of nutrition week

Organized National Workshop on the occasion of nutrition week

Department: Faculty of Agriculture Sciences

UG and PG students of Agriculture
sciences and other branches, faculties,
Industrial People, Research Scholars,
School students

Activity: Organized National Workshop on the occasion of nutrition week

Date and duration 6/09/2022 – 07/09/2022 (3.00 to 5.00 PM IST/ 2 hours)

Title: Departmental Activity: Celebration of Nutrition Week-2022 (01.09.2022 to 07.09.2022)

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

1. Kalyani Chandel Killedar
M. Sc. Food Science and Nutrition
Fitness trainer and dietitian

2. Dr. Kanhaiya R. Kadam
B.A. M. S. ( Ayurveda Acharya), Ph.D. (Herbal Medicine)
Medical profession, Proprietary industrial business

Faculty coordinators: Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dr. Sneha Deshmukh

Brief description / remarks:
National Nutrition week 2022 was celebrated by faculty of Agriculture sciences during 1st to 7th of
September 2022. In India, the National Nutrition Week is observed every year from September 1 to
September 7 to educate public on the importance of a nutrition rich diet. This week is a reminder to take
necessary steps for a nutritious meal and healthy eating habits.
Theme of National Nutrition Week is “Celebrate a world of flavours” on which one national
Workshop was conducted on 6th and 7th September on the platform Google Meet. The overall event was
hosted by Dr Sneha Deshmukh (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences); She welcomed the
participants and guest speakers with gratefulness. Following to that Dr. R. C. Verma (Director, Faculty of
Agriculture Sciences) addressed the assembly and gave brief introduction of invited lead speaker to
participants; while extending gratitude towards him/her for sparing their valuable time for webinar.
On the first day of workshop resource person Kalyani Killedar Presented the lecture on the topic
“Effect of Balance Diet on health”. She gave the proper diet plan for the individual. The resource person
Dr. Kanhiya Kadam presented the lecture on the topic “Importance of scientific agricultural processing
towards nutritional food products for prevention and treatment of lifestyle related diseases”. He
gave the brief introduction on a nutritious diet to protects one from chronic illness and leads them towards
a happy and longer life. He also explained the importance of Agricultural Processing in accordance with
therapeutic value of products in order to maintain lifestyle. As in India, few people are malnourished
whereas some are obese due to bad lifestyle choices. So he gave importance of herbal medicines to deal
with life threatening diseases.
The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants from all over India. Optimum time was
provided to participants to discuss their doubts with expert speakers. At the end of the session participants
were asked for feedback on google meet. Audience remarked that the session was very informative and useful to enhanced their knowledge. 

After feedback session, At the end Dr. Sneha Deshmukh (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) offered formal vote of thanks to the guest speakers and participants.

Feedback is collected from participants through google form and E–Certificates are distributed to all the participants.

The overall Celebration of Nutritional week was facilitated by Dr. R. C. Verma (Director Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) who also encouraged and guided all the faculty members for planning and execution of the various events and ended it successful.


  • Create awareness about good nutrition and health
  • Raised awareness about nutritious meal and healthy eating habits.
  • Participants got in-depth knowledge of nutrition facts and body nutrient requirements.
  • Participants got knowledge regarding the importance of building an effective immune system.
  • Raised awareness among participants about healthy food in place of eating medicines
  • Participants got to know about the importance of healthy food in our physical and mental strength.

No. of participants: More than 50

Prepared by: Dr. Sneha Deshmukh

Verified and submitted by (Director): Dr. R. C. Verma