National Level Webinar on “Build new skills with the AWS Cloud”

 National Level Webinar on “Build new skills with the AWS Cloud”


Department of Computer Science & Applications

Year/Sem: Open for all University’s  Faculty Members/Students

Activity: National Level Webinar on “Build new skills with the AWS Cloud”

Date and Duration: 09.03.2022 duration- 1 Hour

Title:National Level Webinar on “Build new skills with the AWS Cloud”

Resource person/agency and affiliation: Mr. Lokesh Mehra (Heads AWS Academy for South Asia) Mr. Vishram Thatte (Technical Program Manager – AWS Academy)

Brief description / remarks: The Department of Department of Computer Science & Applications, Mandsaur University (M.P.) has conducted the National level webinar on “Build new skills with the AWS Cloud”. The resource person for this webinar was Mr. Lokesh Mehra from Delhi & Mr. Vishram Thatte from Pune. Webinar start with the welcome speech of Professor Miss. Anshi Jhathaliya BCA Second Year Student (Mandsaur University) then Mr. Mehra share his slides with all the participants so that participants can understand the topic and can connect to the subject easily. Slides shared by Mr. Mehra were systematic and she elaborates each term in brief like “What used to be tradition at the time of cloud and how important is digital transforming in today’s time and he is also explain what is cloud computing and what is the future scope in cloud computing on amazon web services. After 30 min next guest Mr. Vishram Thatte explain the AWS certification Path and how to students achieve the certificate from AWS academy in our university. He also gave us one demo of Machine Learning with use of AWS. Students and faculties join from around 21 states. Around 170 faculty / Student’s members participated in the webinar. At the end of the session Vote of thanks given by HOD Department of Computer Science and Application Dr. Nilesh Jain. Program convener Mr. Himanshu Barhaiya and program Coordinator Mr. Ram Pratap Singh also is there throughout the session.

Outcome: This webinar is beneficial for the students and professionals who need to make expatriation and career in Amazon Web Service in Cloud Computing. This technology is demanding in market and webinar give clarification on the  scope in the near future.

No. of participants: 170/102 Participants Received Certificate

Prepared by : Convener: Mr. Himanshu Barhaiya, Assistant Professor, CSA DepartmentCoordinator: Mr. Ram Pratap Singh, Assistant Professor, CSA Department

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Nilesh Jain