Fashion Exhibition

Fashion Exhibition

Department:        Fashion Design

 Year/sem:   1st 2nd and 3rd year[ II,IV,VI]

Activity: “Fashion Exhibition”

Date and Duration:  20/04/2024 (Saturday) (01 Day)

Title:     “Fashion Exhibition”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:   

    Internal Faculty Coordinator  : Ms. Atitee Patel    Internal Faculty Coordinator  : Mr. Firoz Khan, Ms. Bhoomika Bhati, Payal Jain

Brief description / remarks: 

The Department of Fashion Design organized an Exhibition of 1st 2nd  and 3rd year, II, IV and VI semester student work that took place outside the college premises on 20th April 2024 in the presence of teaching staff of fashion departments. The event was organised and conducted successfully.

The display was open from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM for visitors. The students displayed their Craft documentation, Portfolio Collection garments, along with Apparel and non-apparel computer aided design digital work and Fashion Art Design project records.

60 + members visited the exhibition and admired everyone as well as ordered the product and even customization of products had been provided.


Effective way of building up confidence amongst students.

Understanding of the basics concepts of the market demand and supply chain management.

Exposure of working in team and its importance.

Understanding of the client psychologically.

Customer handling & management.

No. of participants: 16

Prepared by : Ms. Bhoomika Bhati

Verified by HOD: Ms. Atitee Patel