As per MU Ordinance

  1. On the recommendation of the Departmental Research Board, the supervisor of the candidate shall be allotted.
  2. The supervisor must be a regular teacher/scientist of Mandsaur University holding Ph.D. degree and having published research work such as books or research papers in Research journals. He/She is also required to have evidence of carrying out some research work at present.


The Academic Staff working in the central faculties of the Universities such as Library, Computer lab etc. with five years of research experience and who have doctoral degree in the relevant ·subject and at least three years of independent research experience after the Ph.D. degree & have evidence of published work.

The Vice Chancellor, at any time, on the recommendation of Departmental Research Board (DRB), shall be empowered to withdraw the supervisor a research student. But DRB can make such a recommendation only on: the grounds of (a) moral turpitude and I or (b) plagiarism, and/or (C) any act harming the interest of the University/Students.

If necessary, Co-Supervisor may be appointed from a different Department of the University or outside the University. However, a written justification for having a Co-Supervisor will accompany the application duly recommended by the Departmental Research Board. Only such expert may be proposed as Co-supervisor who has· a Ph.D. and is holding a position not below the rank of a lecturer/assistant professor or an equivalent position in industry or research labs or other’ academic organization.

There can be maximum of two supervisors.

The doctors working in medical universities/colleges approved by MCI/DCV Central Council of Indian System of Medicine, etc. and having the degree MS/MD/MDS/DMIMCH or equivalent and of the rank not below Assistant Professor or equivalent can also become Co-supervisors depending upon the need. As per the prevalent practice, other medical specialists can also be appointed as Co-supervisors under special circumstances.

  • Assistant Professor – 4
  • Associate Professor – 6
  • Professor – 8

As per UGC–Ph.D.-2016-.pdf