Online Expert lecture

Online Expert lecture

Department: Faculty of Agriculture Sciences

UG and PG students of Agriculture sciences and other branches, faculties, Industrial People, Research Scholars

Activity: Online Expert lecture

Date and duration- 25/03/02023 (12.00 P.M.-1:00 P.M. IST/ 1 hours)

Title: Solar photovoltaic pump

Resource person/agency and affiliation:


Er. Nutan Gawande

Technical Manager

Abhijay Solar Pvt. Ltd.


Dr. D.B. Tyagi 


Faculty of Agriculture Sciences 

Faculty coordinators: Dr. Sneha Deshmukh

Brief description / remarks:

The Faculty of Agriculture Sciences, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur organised an online Expert Lecture on “Solar photovoltaic pump”. The event was organized through online platform (google meet). The event hosted by Dr. Sneha Deshmukh (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences).She welcomed the participants and guest speaker with gratefulness. After that, she gave brief introduction of invited guest speaker to participants; while extending gratitude towards him for sparing her valuable time for session. The resource person Er. Nutan Gawande presented the lecture on the topic “Solar photovoltaic pump”. The objective of the lecture is to aware students about different schemes taken by govt. of India for beneficial of farmers. Participants got to know about solar pump operating mechanism and different components of solar operated pumping system

The lecture was attended by more than 25 participants. Optimum time was provided to participants to discuss their doubts with expert speakers. At the end of the session participants were asked for feedback on google meet. Audience remarked that the session was very informative and useful to enhance their knowledge. After feedback session, at the end Dr. Sneha Deshmukh (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) offered formal vote ofthanks to the guest speakers and participants.


  • Raised awareness about schemes of Govt. of India regarding solar water pumping system for farmers
  • Participants got acquainted with the necessity of solar systems for water pumping

No. of participants: More than 25

Prepared by: Dr.Sneha Deshmukh

Verified and submitted by (Director/ Head): Dr. D. B. Tyagi,  Faculty of Agriculture Sciences