Site Visit of Medical College Building (G+8) Mandsaur

Site Visit of Medical College Building (G+8) Mandsaur

Department: Civil Engineering

Year/Sem: B. Tech VIII, VI and IV Sem.

Activity: Site Visit.

Date and Time: 01.04.2023 at 02:30 am to 5:00 pm

Title: Site Visit of Medical College Building (G+8) Mandsaur.

Resource person/agency and affiliation:  

Mr. Dharmendra Yadav (Regional Engineer) Vaastu Nidhi, Mr. Aman Mishra, Site Engineer, J.P  Structures Pvt. Ltd.

The Department of Civil Engineering organized a site visit of Medical College, Mandsaur for the  students of CE department on 01.04.2023 (Saturday). In this site visit a total of 25 students from VIII, VI  and IV semesters along participated. This site visit is organized by Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh and Mr.  Tousif Abbasi. 

The purpose of this site visit was to provide the working exposure of the site and to aware the students  about current trends of construction of high rise building. 

There are two companies’ construction the hospital building. J.P. Structures Pvt ltd is looking for all  construction work and Vaastu Nidhi which is Gurgaon based company is looking for Structural Design  works. In this visit first, Mr. Dharmendra Ji Yadav (RE) explained the foundation plan drawing to the students  and then Mr. Aman Mishra (Site Engineer) facilitates the tour of all construction site to the students. Mr. Aman explained all the construction process in details to the students. The students learned important  construction tips from the engineers and asked many doubts about the construction processes.  I would like to thanks honorable VC sir for granting the permission for the technical visit and I also would  like to give sincere thanks to HoD, EEE Department Mr. Virendra Jain for helping out in the permission of  site visit by authorities.

Outcome:  This site visit helped the students to get the construction practices of high rise buildings. The students learned about the foundation plan, different footings, sanitation system, lift system, building joints, and  construction management etc.

No. of participants: 25 students + 2 Faculties

Prepared by: Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh.

Verified and submitted by (HOD/HOI: Mr. Azharuddin Sheikh, Head, Department of Civil  Engineering, Mandsaur University.