“Environment Awareness Program

“Environment Awareness Program

Club: Social Awareness & Environment Sustenance Club (NSS Unit)

Year/Semester: NSS Volunteers, Mandsaur University

Activity:  “Environment Awareness Program”

Date and Duration: 11.02.2023 , 02:15 PM- 04:30 PM

Title: Green Campus-Clean Campus activity

Brief description/ Remarks: 

A Green Campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices. For ideal educational institutional buildings, it is imperative to put in place sustainable environmental management in terms of green cover, solid, liquid and e-waste management, rain water harvesting, water and energy conservation, waste reuse and recycling, to cite a few. Greening the campus is all about turning around wasteful inefficiencies and using conventional sources of energies for its daily energy needs, correct disposal handling, procurement of environment friendly supplies and effective recycling program. Institute has to work out the time bound strategies to implement green campus initiatives. With the same objectives the NSS student volunteers of Mandsaur University has taken initiative and conducted “Green Campus-Clean Campus” activities in the premises on 11.02.2023 under Social Awareness & Environment Sustenance Club (NSS Unit), Mandsaur University.In the beginning, Dr. Shekhar Jain, Director NSS, Mandsaur University discussed in brief about the objectives of Green Campus-Clean Campus activities, its prevalence in current scenario and need of such awareness program.  Thereafter, Mr. Dayashankar Singh, Campus-1 Coordinator and Miss. Teena Yadav, NSS Secretary briefed about the role of NSS and Green Campus to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices. During the program they inculcates students about different green initiatives taken by Mandsaur University such as Green energy (Solar panel), Rain water Harvesting (Small pond), Greenery (Plant care) etc. in the premises. While visiting different green initiatives, NSS volunteer have cleaned nearby area, weed off Gajar Ghas as well as collected single use plastics. They have also restricted entry of vehicles in the campus. The program was successfully coordinated by the faculty coordinator Mr. Dayashankar Singh (Coordinator Campus 1) and Ms. Teena Yadav (Secretary NSS) with students’ coordinator (Goransh Tiwari and Paras Adanaiya) and other NSS volunteers.

Outcome:The green campus concept is a breath of fresh air in a change towards a sustainable campus. Through this activity, students came to know about different green initiatives taken by Mandsaur University. Cleanliness gives rise to a good character by keeping body, mind, and soul clean and peaceful. This activity enhances the awareness among the volunteers about the green activities and cleanliness. They found motivated after this activity to spread the awareness about the importance of such activities and its role in developing sustainable environment and healthy life into the societal development.

No. of participants: 25 Students

Prepared by: Ms. Teena Yadav, Secretary, NSS, Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by: Dr. Shekhar Jain, Director, NSS, Mandsaur University