Workshop on “Aptitude and Logical Reasoning”

Workshop on “Aptitude and Logical Reasoning”

Objective: To inculcate a deep sense of awareness with regard to broadening their thought  process and working hard in the direction of being smart thinkers with the ability of quickness  in thoughts.

Profile: The Guest speaker Mr. Pawan Bhavsar. He is working as Assistant Professor at  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mandsaur University. He is also a Aptitude & Reasoning Trainer at Career Development cell (TPO), Mandsaur University, Mandsaur.

Session Detail:  

❖ Three days workshop on “Aptitude and Logical Reasoning” for second year  students was organized under AAROHAN on 28- 30 April 2022. 

❖ The workshop was aimed at enhancing the skills of “Aptitude and Logical  Reasoning”. During the course of workshop, the students were given an open  platform to pose their queries regarding future career prospects related to the type of  quantitative aptitude based questions asked in the various prestigious competitive  exams, such as GATE, GPAT, CAT, Banking and SSC etc. The students gained a 

knowledgeable perspective towards targeting these examinations with the right kind of  preparation and training.

❖ Further, Mr. Pawan Bhavsar posed several logic based questions to the students to  make them aware about the relevance of training their minds to think differently but  constructively. The students actively participated in answering his queries. 

❖ Following topics were covered in the session: 

Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning: 

o Number system 

o Calculation (tricks), simplification 

o Speed, distance and time 

o Ratio and proportional 

o Average allegation  

o Profit and loss 

o Percentage 

o Boat and trains questions 

o Partnership, time and work 

o True discount 

o LCM and HCF 

o Blood relation and number series 

o Coding and decoding  

o Clocks, cubes and cuboids 

o Puzzles 

o Direction  

o Data sufficiency  o Sitting arrangement

❖ Total 148 students availed the workshop.

Feedback detail:  

A written feedback session was conducted to know the student’s experience about this  workshop. 

Written feedback summary – 

1. About Trainer:- 

Parameter Average (5) Percentage  (%)
Content of program 100
Pedagogy (Teaching style/Pattern) 4.94 98.70
Command in Tricks 4.94 98.70
Ability to Explain 4.91 98.18
Confidence of Trainer 4.95 98.96
Subject knowledge 4.94 98.70
Level of Exercise Questions 100
Attitude 4.97 99.48
Analytical skills 4.95 98.96
Ability to handle students queries 4.96 99.22

2. About Program:- 

Parameter Percentage (%)
Appropriateness of duration of program 100
Effectiveness of Program 100
Created Interest 100
Interactivness (whether the trainer involved you) 100
Would you suggest this program for others 100
Would you prefer this type of program in future 100

∙ This is best workshop ever. This is really making our future ready.  

∙ Teaching style is very good.  

∙ Session was actually help us in competitive exam.  

∙ Ultimate session, I learned a lot. 

4. About Final rating:- 

Parameter Average  (5)Percentage  (%)
Overall Rating 4.82 96.36
Would you prefer same trainer  in future 100


❖ The workshop included all the basic topics of aptitude and reasoning. ❖ By this workshop students developed their interest in numerical and logical aptitude.  ❖ Students understood basic tricks to solve the questions.  

❖ Students participated enthusiastically in the workshop. 

 Nandkishor Patidar