Online Bread fabrication workshop

Online Bread fabrication workshop

Department: Tourism & Hospitality

Year: Open for all

Activity: Online Bread fabrication workshop

Date and Duration: 12th February, 2022

Brief description/ Remark

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management of Mandsaur University organized an Online bread fabrication workshop on 12th February, 2022. Mr. Sarthak Chourasia, Assistant Professor Department of Tourism & Hospitality was the resource person of the workshop, who educated learners about the key ingredients that are used I bread fabrication such as yeast, flour, sugars etc. and their effect on the final product. Principles of bread baking was also covered in this session wherein various steps and significance of each was also shared in detail with the students such as knock back, proofing, stages of dough kneading & mixing etc. The workshop ended with a demo of bread baking by the resource person. There was participant registration from different parts of country and students of department of tourism & hospitality also participated enthusiastically.

Outcome: Students got to learn about the role of every ingredient in bread baking along with their significance. They also learned about key principles of bread baking which later was also demonstrated by practical, giving a hands-on learning to the students.

No. of participants: 16.

Prepared by: Mr. Sarthak Chourasia, Assistant Professor, T & HM, Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by (HOD): Dr. Lokeshver Singh Jodhana, HOD, T&H, MU.