Mandsaur University students exchange ideas with the students of Lomonosov Moscow State University students on a Global forum

Mandsaur University students exchange ideas with the students of Lomonosov Moscow State University students on a Global forum

Department: Faculty of Life Science

Year/Sem:  M.Sc. Biotechnology 1st sem

Activity:  International Student Scientific Seminar (SDG-10), Virtually

Date and Duration: 8/12/2021  Duration:- 2.30 PM to 4.30 PM (02:00 Hrs)

Title: Student participation and presentation on “Student Scientific Seminar on UN Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG-10),”Reduce Inequality within and among the countries”

Resource person/agency and affiliation: 

  • Alexandre Aurelien Valette (Lomonosov MSU).
  • Steffen Habberstad Lundeby.
  • Belousova Alina ( School of Global Studies)

An international Student Scientific Seminar was organized in association with Lomonosov Moscow University, Moscow, Russia. In this seminar, students from Mandsaur University, Lomonosov Moscow University, Birmingham University and University of Geneva presented their observation on sustainable development goal -10. The session was started by Dr Ravi Kumar Sangewar, HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mandsaur University, who briefed about the timeline on MOU with the UNESCO Chair at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Ms.Rithika Jain student of 1st year M.Sc. Biotechnology of Faculty of Life Sciences, Mandsaur University had participated and presented a topic on “Inequalities in information technology and Health care in the emerging world.”, where she put forward her observations on how economic inequality is affecting the life of people in this pandemic, especially how some children as well as teacher, has to climb a tree or hill, to access internet and underwent the hardships. She also overviewed how gender plays a big role, in internet accessibility in Indian sub continent. She presented data on difference in vaccine accessibility, depending on economic condition of a nation. In the conclusion of this program there was a panel discussion, on gender equality and then the seminar ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Yulia Dementeva from Lomonosov Moscow University. The organizing committees from Moscow state University expressed their happiness and lauded the content delivered by the Mandsaur University students. On behalf of the students and the faculty members, Prof. (Dr.) Arunava Das, Dean and Head, Faculty of Life Sciences congratulated Ms. Ritika Jain for her excellent presentation in the international forum.

Outcome: The students learnt the significance and importance of Sustainable Development Goal – 10.It was a good opportunity for the University students to interact with the foreign students.

No. of participants: 70

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. (Dr.) Arunava Das, Dean & Head, Life Sciences, Mandsaur University.