Mandsaur University

  1. Industry-Academia Interaction Club:


To bridge the gap between industry & academia, the club has been formed in which various industry experts are invited for expert interaction and meetings with faculties & students. 


The club’s main objective is to bridge the gap and promote interaction between industry and an academic Institution. In a world where technology is changing very fast, it is a challenging task to cater to industry needs for a proficient workforce. This club is filled with potential but an untapped pool of talent. We at IAIC are working towards polishing this talent and bringing them out to touch the sky. Ubiquitous students of our University, selected through a rigorous process, are among the best technical talent available.  They are guided and trained through a constantly updated curriculum by a highly qualified and experienced faculty to meet the fast-changing needs of the technology.


  • Technical Talk by industry experts.
  • HR Conclave
  • MoUs with industry

To register in this MU event club, mail us on