The Aarohan program, this year was set out with its first session “ART OF
COMMUNICATION” as communication is believed to be a crucial weapon to progress in the
professional world. The Objective of this session was to improve the interpersonal skills of
the students in order to maintain a positive and pro-active approach towards the
professional world.
The guest speaker of the session was Ms. Sonal Vyas. She is a well known soft skill trainer
having 15 years of experience in providing such training. Her areas of expertise are team
building, communication skill, people management, life skills, personality development,
interview skills, basic etiquette etc.

The Four day workshop for second year students (top 10, 20 Students) was organized
under AAROHAN on 22-25 November 2021. A step towards transformation and excellence
which is tagline of AAROHAN achieves its motto by preparing the students for placements to
sustain in a healthy environment. The session was organized to enhance their skills.

Students also got a lot of motivation with the inspirational and provocative words of our
esteemed vice chancellor Brig (Dr.) Bharat Singh Rawat. He is an inspiring ocean of
knowledge and resource for the students. With his vast experience, he interacted with all
the students on day one and taught them the difference between school and college, and
made them realize the importance of being a student of MU.

The session covered various topics like Communication skills, its process, Barriers to
effective communication, Non- Verbal communication which includes Kinesis (Facial
expressions, gestures, postures), Oculesis, Haptics, Proxemics, Paralanguage, Appearance
and Chronemics) Other useful topics such as Public speaking, small talks, Intra Personal
Communication and Self Discipline were also taken into consideration with a brief approach
in the consecutive days. Students participated in various activities which were organized
and played various activity games. They also performed skit on the topics that were taught.

The session was mandatory for the students of Engineering, Computer Application and
Pharmacy department. Other departments coordinated for the interested candidates. The
faculty coordinators from every department were supportive in making this session a
successful one. Students were attentive during the session and a lot of improvement was
seen in them during the session days. 67 Students were actively participated in the

Feedback detail:
A written feedback session was conducted to know the student’s experience about this
Written feedback summary –
About Trainer:-

Content of Program79.38
Pedagogy (Teaching style/Pattern)98.70
Command in English97.40
Communication Skills/Ability to explain98.18
Confidence of Trainer98.96
Subject Knowledge98.70
Live Examples Cited100.00
Analytical Skills98.96
Ability to handle students queries99.22

About Program:-

Appropriateness of duration of program100.00
Effectiveness of Program98.70
Created Interest98.70
Interactivness (whether the trainer involved you)97.40
Would you suggest this program for others98.70
Would you prefer this type of program in future100.00

About Final rating:-

Overall Rating96.36
Would you prefer same trainer in future100.00