Workshop on Introduction to Corporate World

Workshop on Introduction to Corporate World

Faculty: Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce

Participants: First year students of BBA V, B.Com V and MBA I and III

Activity: Academic Activity –  Workshop on Introduction to Corporate World

Date and Duration: 19 October, 2022. 10 AM to 12 AM

Title: Introduction to Corporate World

Resource Person: Mr. Sunil Panjwani (CEO, Smriti Bank Ltd.)

Brief description / remarks:

Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce organized a workshop on Introduction to corporate world for final year students of BBA, B.Com and MBA  I and III semester students on 19th October, 2022. 

The key objective of this activity is to make familiar with the corporate world and awareness of corporate jargons.

The Session started at 10.00 am followed by the lamp lightening. The event was hosted by Ms. Mansi Mehta (MBA I sem) by elaborating the theme of session thereafter guest welcome by Head of Department Prof. (Dr.) Brajesh Kumar by presenting a bouquet. The session started by Mr. Panjwani ji with the management terminologies especially leadership, team management and strategy making. Mr. Panjwani elaborated with the importance of handling team and the qualities to be developed by leader through a team building game in a group of 5 teams with their leader. The whole session was very interactive and students learn the practical aspects of leadership and team work including strategy formation. The session was coordinated by Mrs. Sonakshi Agrawal and Mr. Avinash Vikram. During the session departmental faculty members were also present.

Outcome :

  • Students gained the knowledge about corporate world, leadership development and working in team.
  • Learnt about the strategy making and team handling.

No. of participants: 68

Prepared by: Mr. Avinash Vikram( Assistant Prof. FBAC, MU)

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. (Dr.) Brajesh Kumar (Head of Department, FBAC)