Workshop on “Electrical Wiring and Solar Car Demonstration”

Workshop on “Electrical Wiring and Solar Car Demonstration”

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

School:  10th to 12th  Students

Activity: – Workshop on “Electrical Wiring and Solar Car Demonstration”

Date and Duration: 26/03/202, 2 Hrs

Resource Persons: Mr. Virendra Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of  Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Students coordinator of EEE  

1. Aditya Chouhan, II year Diploma  2. Tahir Ansari, III Year Diploma 3. Chayan Mali, II B.Tech

Brief description / remarks:

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has organized a workshop on “Electrical Wiring and Solar Car Demonstration” for students of 10th to 12th on date 26/03/2021 at Sarasswati School, Keshav Nagar, Mandsaur. 

The workshop was organized by students department after contacting with the school. The objective of the workshop was to deliver practical knowledge about electrical tools, types of electrical wiring and use of renewable energy sources. The workshop was started by Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD of EEE with theoretical explanation about various types wiring and its application and It was followed with practical demonstration by students of the department. 

Coordinators described the design process of the solar car and its working.

Finally HOD, EEE concluded the workshop after sharing information such as the future scope of electrical engineering and the importance of renewable energy source in the branch.

Outcome: – 1. Students identified different electrical tools by inspection after completion of explanation.

 2. Students got impressed with the student coordinators after practical demonstration of electrical wiring and shown their confidence that they can do this type of connection.

3. Students got knowledge about the scope of electrical engineering.

4. Students shown their interest to do small electrical projects after going through different parts of solar car.

No. of participants: 135

Prepared by: Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD, EEE, Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Virendra Jain, HOD, EEE, Mandsaur University