Webinar on Event Management and its Futuristic Scope

Webinar on Event Management and its Futuristic Scope

DEPARTMENT: Tourism and Hospitality


ACTIVITY: Webinar on Event Management and its Futuristic Scope

DATE AND DAY: 20th October 2022, Thursday


Brief description/ Remark

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality organized a webinar where the resource person, Mr. Ritvik Tyagi, Director of Souvenir Events, spoke on the topic Event Management and its futuristic scope. 

Mr. Ritvik Tyagihas worked as Manager-Human Resources before starting his own venture, Souvenir Events in 2014. Currently souvenir events have a legacy of 08 years where they have been into array of events including MICE events, product launches, fashion shows etc., with an excellent client base that includes Ministry of tourism, NBCC, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and many more.

The students got an introduction about the Event industry, the types of events, and got a brief insight about the back stage handling of the events. Students also learned the difference between various kinds of events and got to know the wide horizon the event industry covers. They also learned about the internship and job prospects, the current market players, and how they can prepare themselves to be a part of industry.

Students also learnt how to identify the target audience, decide the theme for the event, plan logistics and send invites for the event being organized. They learned about the industry needs like excellent communication skills as well as specific skills to plan an event. The session was concluded with students asking their doubts and queries to the resource person and getting a clearer picture about the topic.  

Report Prepared by:   Ms. Avishi Shrivastava

No. of Students : 42 (Offline and Online)

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Lokeshver Singh Jodhana