Three day visit of AIR, DD News, India News, and, National School of  Drama

Three day visit of AIR, DD News, India News, and, National School of  Drama

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication

Year/Semester: BAJMC & MAJMC ( All Sem)

Activity: Industrial Visit

Date and Duration:   21st April to 23rd April, 2022

Title: Three day visit of AIR, DD News, India News, and, National School of  Drama

Resource person 

Dr. Arun Singh (Assistant Director general) AIR

Mr. P. Pawan ( Assistant Director Program) AIR

Mr. Rana Yashwant (Managing Editor & Senior Anchor) India News

Ms. Puja Gupta ( Vice president, Marketing &Content)

Mr. Tushar Kaushik (Senior Anchor

Mr. Jyaraj (Assistant Director)

Mr. Nikhil Kumar Singh (Senior Anchor)

Mr. Parag (Production Head)

Brief description / remarks:

     Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Mandsaur University has organized an industrial visit for the departmental students. During this, the student visited All India radio, DD News, India News and National School of Drama.

 On the first day   students visited National school of Drama. They saw drama theater, rehearsal room, live practice of a drama, costume house etc. They also learned about script writing, selection of costume, stage designing etc.

In the visit of All India Radio, They had an interaction with Assistant Director general Dr. Arun Sing, He is from I.A.S cadre. He explained about history of All India radio, different government and private organizations of radio, ethics and guidelines for broadcasting a program. The students learned about different formats of radio programs, live recording, time slots of broadcasting, production techniques etc.

During the visit of India News, students became aware with the different segments of News channels and their working procedure. They also learned about the basic of TV reporting, Anchoring skills, how to conduct live program, desk job and etc all. They met different correspondents of every state. After that they visited the various studios of the channel.

In the visit DD News Mr. Jayraj has explained about the structure and characteristics of DD News, Student learned about, what is the difference between private news organization and DD News. After this Mr. Parag explained them studio production, different techniques of program, he also explained about editing and shooting process for the News program.

Assistant program director AIR Mr.P.Pawan whishes to the students for the bright future in the field of journalism. During this Mr. Arun Jaiswal (Assistant Professor, DJMC) and Ms. Priyanka Ranjan (Assistant Professor, DJMC) were presented.


During this visit, the students learned about the working structure of a government organization, they know about the program formats of All India Radio, history and development of radio and production skills. The structure and working culture and procedure of DD News. And students became aware with the working procedure in main stream media etc. After this, Students will get chance for internship
No. of Participants: – 11

Report Prepared by:

Ms. Neha Kumari (Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

Verified and Submitted by:

Dr. Tarkeshwara Rao Ippili (HOD & Assistant Professor,  Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)