Six day training program on “Radio Program Production”

Six day training program on “Radio Program Production”

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication

Year/Semester:  BAJMC (1st, 4th and 5th )

Activity: Six day training program on “Radio Program Production”

Date and Duration: 08 February 2021 to 13 February 2021 (11:00AM-01:00PM)

Resource Person:    Mr. kamal Sharma (Retd. Radio Announcer, AIR)

Brief description/ Remark

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has organized the “six day training program on radio program production”.  For this training session renowned radio announcer Mr. Kamal Sharma was present as trainer/ keynote speaker. During this session Mr. Sharma said “There is a tradition of listening in our country and radio is also a part of this tradition. Voices play an important role for a publisher. A holiday is compulsory to follow language discipline. Hindi is the only language in which any language in the world can be written. Wrong pronunciation changes the meaning of words, meaning of meaning is lost.” In these six days students have learned about basics of radio program, Script writing, process of radio program production, Voice modulation & voice over and Production technique. 

On the inauguration of the training program, Dr. Manish Kumar Jaisal, Head of Journalism and Mass Communication Department, while addressing the students on the topic of changing radio, said that radio has also made a positive change with the passage of time. Time changed the lyrics but the relationship between listeners and radio did not change and became unbreakable day by day. Thereafter, Kamal Sharma gave a detailed discussion about the usefulness and importance of voice over in radio to the trainees. 

Digitally, students and media researchers from many institutions across the country also participated in the program and asked questions related to radio, which also gave satisfactory answers by Kamal Sharma. At the end of the training, students of Journalism and Mass Communication Department also presented voice samples. Which were observed by Kamal Sharma and suggestions were given on aspects of improvement.  On the last day of the training session, the department celebrated “World Radio Day”. On this occasion, Shri Narendra Nahata Chairman and Chancellor, Mandsaur University), Dr. Shailendra Sharma (Vice Chancellor), Colonel Anand Kumar (Dean Admin) and Assistant Professor Ms. Sonali Singh, Arun Jaiswal are present. At the same time, the Honorable Chancellor gave best wishes while guiding all the students. Certificates were awarded to all the participants on the last day of the program.

Outcome:   Students have learned about the process of radio program production, script writing and voice modulation. Students also know about the working procedure of radio studio.

No. of participants: 40 (Offline) + 350 ( Online)

Prepared by: Mr. Arun Jaiswal, Assistant Professor, DJMC , Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Manish jaisal, HOD, DJMC, Mandsaur University