Role of Pulse on Soil Health

Role of Pulse on Soil Health

Department: Faculty of Agriculture Sciences

Participants:- UG and PG students, Research Scholar and faculty members

Activity: National Webinar onWorld Pulses Day”

Date:-  10/02/2022

Title:  “Role of Pulse on Soil Health”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Dr. Satish Kumar

Assistant Professor, Dr. B.R Ambedkar University of Soil Sicence, Mhow(M.P)

Brief description / remarks:

The Faculty of Agriculture Sciences, Mandsaur University had conducted an online webinar on “World Pulses Day”. This event was organized on google meet as well as through live streaming on YouTube.   The event was hosted by Mr. Vishal Sarsaiya (Asst. Prof, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences).  He welcomed the participants and guest speakers with gratefulness. Following to that Dr. Sanjay Singh (HOD, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) addressed the assembly and gave brief introduction of invited lead speaker to participants; while extending gratitude towards him for sparing his valuable time for webinar. The resource person Dr. Satish Kumar (Assistant Professor, Dr. B.R Ambedkar University of Soil Sicence, Mhow, M.P.) presented the lecture on the topic “Role of Pulse on Soil Health”. He had explained all about the Pulses and their importance for soil .He explained that pluses help the soil for the fixation of nitrogen and help it’s require less water for propagation. It’s also help in soil conservation like erosion resistance, mulching, soil cover etc .At last he also gave information that consumption of Pluses are beneficial for human health because it provide more than 25% of protein , Calcium and iron etc.

The webinar was attended by more than 60 participants. Optimum time was provided to participants to discuss their doubts with expert speakers. At the end of the session participants were asked for feedback on google meet.  Audience remarked that the session was very informative and useful to enhanced their knowledge. In the feedback session Dr. Sanjay Singh, said that the session was very knowledgeful and Informative. After feedback session, At the end Ms. Sushmita Mandal (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) offered formal vote of thanks to the guest speakers and participants. Feedback is collected from participants through google form and E-Certificates are distributed to all the participants.


  • Participants got knowledge about the pulses and its importance.
  • Participants were made aware about the nutrients present in pulses.

No. of participants: More than 60

Prepared by: Ms. Sushmita Mandal, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences.

Verified and submitted by: Dr. Sanjay Singh,  HOD, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences