1. Robotics, Automation, Planning & Design Club:


  • The robotics, automation, planning, and design club aims to teach ourselves the habit of “thinking technologically.”


  • To inspire young minds to be the driving force in the field of robotics, automation, planning, and design.
  • It is an opportunity to apply knowledge creatively, to see how systems interact, both with each other and with the environment.
  • To develop professional engineering skills among the students, which will help them in their professional life.


  • Hand’s on practice/Training workshop on Robotics and Automation
  • Organizing events like Robot wars and robot race
  • National level workshop on robotics and automation
  • National level quiz on robotics and automation
  • Housing Project through Auto CAD
  • Step by step planning for building construction
  • Design and Detailing of Road Pavement
  • Bamboo as a building material
  • Effective product manufacturing using locally available waste material
  • LWC concrete_ A next generation Housing product
  • CAD wars
  • Fabricator & Concrete Canoe

To register in this MU event club, mail us at rapd@meu.edu.in