Promotional Program of Club

Promotional Program of Club

Department: Dramatics & Music Club

Activity: Promotional Program of Club

Date and Duration: 07 December, 2021 (11:00AM-01:00PM)

Brief description/ Remark
Dramatics and Music Club of Mandsaur University has organized a musical and dance show on
7 th December 2021 at Campus 2. During this, the member students showed their skills/talents.
The program was started by lighting the lamp by Dr. Priyanka Soni, Associate Professor,
Department of Pharmacy.
After that, the students of the club performed a musical series one by one, in which the students
of Management, Computer Application, Mass communication, Education, Engineering,
Pharmacy and other departments of the university took part. After this Solo Song, Solo Dance,
and Group performance were also presented.
During this event Dr. Priyanka Soni, Club In-charge Mr. Saurabh Mishra, Mr. Rahul Trivedi,
Mr. Arun kr. Jaiswal and other professors, assistant professors and students of the university
were present. At the end of the program students enjoyed open Garba and free style dance, In
which All the students and audiences have participated. During this, Students of the
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has covered the whole event and get
interacted with the club officials and members. The above information was given by the
Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of Mandsaur University.

No. of participants: 15

Prepared by: Mr. Arun Jaiswal, Assistant Professor & Coordinator, Dramatics & Music Club,
Mandsaur University