Voting awareness session

Club: Social Awareness & Environment Sustenance Club (NSS Unit) Year/Semester: Open for all Students, Mandsaur University Activity: Voting awareness session and dissemination of information through creativity on voter awareness. Date and Duration: 23rd to 27th April 2024 Title: “Voting awareness session” Brief description/ Remarks:  In view of upcoming Lok Sabha Elections-2024, the Social Awareness & Environment Sustenance […]

Mock Interview Round-I

Department: –   Electrical & Electronics Engineering  Year/sem: – B.Tech. 3rd Year/ 6th Sem Activity: “Mock Interview Round-I” Date and Duration:  23/04/2024 (Tuesday) (01 Day) Title: “Mock Interview Round-I” Resource person/agency and affiliation:    Internal Faculty Coordinators: Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki & Mr. Kapil Kumar Badoliya Brief description / remarks:  Facing interviews is very important with theoretical […]

Group Discussion on  Role of Technology in Today’s World

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Year/sem:  B. (Second to Final year) Activity: Group Discussion-II Date and Duration: 25 April 2024 (50 minutes) Title: Group Discussion on  Role of Technology in Today’s World Resource person/agency and affiliation: Mr. R.P. Kumawat  and Dr. Prakash Gupta Asst. Professor, EEE, Mandsaur University Brief description / remarks: The Department of Electrical […]

One day Workshop on PCB Assembling & Soldering Techniques

Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering  B. Tech and Diploma II Sem Date and Duration: 13/04/2024, duration:-1 Day Title:  “PCB Assembling & Soldering Techniques” Resource person/agency and affiliation:  Virendra Singh Solanki, AP, EEE department, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur (M.P.) Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mandsaur University Organized an ABL on “PCB Assembling & Soldering Techniques” on […]

Technical Test-II

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Year/sem: – B.Tech VIII sem, B.Tech VI sem, B.Tech IV sem, Diploma VI sem, Diploma IV sem Activity: Technical Test-II Date and Duration: 22/04/2024 and 30 min. Title:  Technical Test-II Resource person/agency and affiliation: Dr. Manish Jain, Associate Professor, Department of EEE                                                                            & Mr. Abrar Rja, Lecturer, Department of EEE  […]

Fashion Exhibition

Department:        Fashion Design  Year/sem:   1st 2nd and 3rd year[ II,IV,VI] Activity: “Fashion Exhibition” Date and Duration:  20/04/2024 (Saturday) (01 Day) Title:     “Fashion Exhibition” Resource person/agency and affiliation:        Internal Faculty Coordinator  : Ms. Atitee Patel    Internal Faculty Coordinator  : Mr. Firoz Khan, Ms. Bhoomika Bhati, Payal Jain Brief description / remarks:  […]