Voter awareness Rally

Club: Social Awareness & Environment Sustenance Club (NSS Unit) Year/Semester: NSS Volunteers, Mandsaur University Activity: “”Voter awareness Rally” Date and Duration: 07.11.2023 /10:30 AM- 01:00 PM Title: “”Voter awareness program” Brief description/ Remarks:  Voting is an integral part of democracy, and it is necessary for people to have a voice. By voting, we can create […]

Industrial Visit

Department:        Fashion Design  Year/sem:   1st and 2nd year[ 1,III] Activity: “Industrial Visit” Date and Duration:  7/11/2023 (Monday) (01 Day) Title:     “Industrial Visit at Amina Batik Print Ujjain (M.P.)” Resource person/agency and affiliation:        Internal Faculty Coordinator  : Ms Atitee Patel    Internal Faculty Coordinator  : Mr. Firoz Khan Brief description / remarks:  […]