Post-Budget Analysis 2022-23

Post-Budget Analysis 2022-23


Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce


All the students of FBAC


Academic Activity – Post-Budget Analysis 2022-23

Date and Duration:

February 15, 2022, 10:45am to 1:15pm


Post-Budget Analysis 2022-23

Resource Person: Shri Amit Goela, (Head – Research & Investment Team, Rare Enterprises, Mumbai) & Shri Dhananjay Sinha (Head of Strategy & Economist, JM Financial Ltd. Mumbai) & CA Sidharth Garg, Mandsaur

Brief description / remarks:

Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce organized a session on Post – Budget Analysis on February 15, 2022, which was emphasized on critical analysis of various aspects of Union Budget 2022-23 like fiscal deficits, debt to GDP ratio, FRBM guidelines, taxation, budget allocation among various sectors of economy etc.

The program was started at 10:45 AM and at first the theme of the program was abridged by Dr. Azhar A. Sheikh in which he enlightens the students basic moto of the program. He also highlighted the different phases of the program viz. expert talk, rapid fire quiz round and panel discussion. In first phase at first CA Sidharth Garg interacted with students on the various of aspects of taxation from budget. Thereafter Dr. Deepika Choudhary welcomed the keynote speakers Shri Dhananjay Sinha and Shri Amit Goela. Shri Sinha of the program. Shri Sinha discussed the economic aspects of union budget and provided his critical analysis of budget from economics perspective whereas Shri Goela enlightened the students with relationship between union budget and stock market. At the end keynote speakers answered the queries asked by the students. Then Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) B.S. Rawat extended his vote of thanks to the keynote speakers.  

The rapid fire quiz round was conducted by Mr. Ruben Shah in which students were asked questions related to the budget and economics. 

In last phase of program, a panel discussion was organized and moderated by Dr. Mukesh Sharma, in which nine students from the department were the panelist. The panelist discussed the important announcements from Union Budget 2022-23 like PM Gati Shakti, Taxation, E-Passport, Digital Currency, Organic farming, Economic Indicators and SWOT analysis. Panelist provided the critical analysis of budget 2022-23.

At last the presidential address was given by the Hon’ble Chancellor Shri Narendra Nahata, in which he praised the student’s efforts and initiatives of department and also suggested to analyze the various companies with fundamental and technical analysis. 

Formal vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Avinash Vikram at the end of the program.

Student Panel Members:

Ms. Roopshikha Sharma Ms. Mizba Tai, Mr. Suhel Khan, Ms. Nidhi Rathore, Ms. Mansi Mehta, Ms. Suman Indora, Ms. Neha Najwani, Ms. Krati Jajpuria & Mr. Vaibhav Soni

Outcome :

  • Students gained the knowledge about budget and its relevant aspects.
  • Learnt about the relationship between budget and economy.
  • Learnt about the stock market terminologies and behavior.

Prepared by :

Dr. Azhar A. Sheikh, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce

Verified and Submitted by: Dr. Mukesh Sharma (FBAC, Mandsaur University)