Pehchaan – 2022

Pehchaan – 2022


Mandsaur University, Mandsaur (MP)


All Female Students

Activity: International Women’s Day Celebration “Pehchaan – 2022”

Date and Duration: 08/03/2022;Tuesday

Title: Pehchaan – 2022.

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

  1. Prof. N. S. Vasanti, New Delhi.
  2. Dr. Jaishree Senger, Sr. Physician, Maitree Medical Center, Mandsaur(MP).
  3. Mr. Praveen Bhandari, Martial Art Trainer, Mandsaur (MP).    

Brief description / remarks: 

International women’s day celebrated across the world in order to recognize and appreciate the contribution and achievements of the women in various fields. Mandsaur University also took initiative to celebrating this day under the flagship of “PEHCHHAN – 2022”, Pehchaan simulated a power of female emancipation among us. In order to celebrating this day Mandsaur University conduct the international women’s day under the guidance of Vice Chancellor Dr. Brigadier Bharat Singh Rawat. This celebration has taken place in three different segment in first segment free checkup camp was organized by ayurveda hospital where female students and staff can get free consultancy for their health problems. 

In second segment National Motivational Talk was conducted by the department of Communication Skills where Dr. N.S. Vasanti a renowned speaker and former professor & entrepreneur (VASA- A platform for innovative handicraft) shared her life experience with students. In third segment cultural program was organized. Program start with saraswati lamp lightening and dance performance on “Devi ki Aaradhna” by students. Dr. Jaishree Sengar (Physician) and Mr. Praveen Bhandari (Niyudhha Guru Martial Art) was the chief guests and Keynote speakers for this event. Dr. Jaishree Sengar shared her knowledge on “Hypothoiroidism” and Mr. Praveen Bhandari and his Niyudhha team shows the self defense where female students and staff acknowledge the self defense training in their own way. Inaugural speech delivered by Vice Chancellor Dr. Brigadier Bharat Singh Rawat where he share his views by saying “Today if we talk about women empowerment, It is not the women who have to empower themselves, they are already empowered but it is the society and the man in the society who have to change their mental makeup and recognize their power”. Motivational speech given by Neha Nejwani (MBA student).  Skit on Women Empowerment present by Dr. Rakesh Nayak and students of ayurveda department. A dance on “O ri chirraiya” was performed by B. Pharma. students. Overall program execution process takes place under the guidance of Dr. Lokeshwar Singh Jodhana. At the end, vote of thanks was proposed by program coordinator Mudita Dave Nagar.

No. of participants: 200 Participants.

Prepared by : Mudita Dave Nagar

Verified and Submitted by Chief Event MU: Dr. Lokeshvar Singh Jodhana