Orientation Program 2020

Orientation Program 2020

Mandsaur University takes this initiative to commence every session with the orientation program of first year students. The University believes that nurturing young minds in the genesis will help them grow more efficiently and effectively in their academic session and co-curricular activities. With this objective, the orientation program began on 12 February 2021.

12 February, First Session: The program began with the session of first year students of Campus 1 at 09:15, in LT 1. The students from the branches of Engineering/Diploma/CA (Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil along with the BCA & MCA students) were the active participants.

12 February, Second Session: The session of first year students of Campus 1 at 11:15, in LT 1. The students from the DBAC/BA (BBA, MBA, B.Com, Fashion, Tourism, library, Bed..etc) were the active participants.

15 February, First Session: The program began with the same timings and venue as day one with the students participating from Campus 1 at 09:15 AM (Life Sciences & Agriculture).

15 February, Second Session: The session was held in campus 2 at 11: 30, LT 1 at B.R. Nahata college of Pharmacy .The students were welcomed with the tilak ceremony by the seniors. The first years students of pharmacy participated whole heartedly in the session.

The main speaker of the two –day’s session was Dr. Shailendra Sharma, Vice Chancellor, MU who introduced new students to college life, academic norms and community norms to resources and support services. Students had already been a part of their respective departmental Induction program where they were introduced to the academic rules, regulations, lectures, faculties and teaching pedagogy of their department. Orientation program was a ceremonial and traditional introduction of the fresher’s to the protocols, mission & vision, curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the University.

He highlighted the key points that include infrastructure, centralized facilities, CRISP, NSS and AARAMBH and AAROHAN. He also mentioned that University takes every opportunity to organize adjunct lectures, hands on workshops. He motivated students with the major achievements of the University and placements of students in elite companies. He also shared the activity calendar of AARAMBH and AAROHAN and Student Categorization. Total 472 students participated in the three day orientation session. The orientation program is designed to support new students as they begin their journey from school life to college life and makes them aware of the ultimate vision of the university to making future ready.