Organized National Webinar on the occasion of “ World Food Day”

Organized National Webinar on the occasion of “ World Food Day”

Department: Faculty of Agriculture Sciences

UG and PG students of Agriculture sciences, faculties, Research Scholars,

Activity: Organized National Webinar on the occasion of “ World Food Day”

Date and duration 15/10/22 (3.00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. IST/ 2 hours)

Title: Departmental Activity: Organized National Webinar on the “ Recent Advances in food processing”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Resource person

Dr. Vaishali  Wankhade 


NABARD Consultancy Services, 

Corporate Office,

New Delhi 


Prof R C Verma


Faculty of Agriculture Sciences


Dr.  Sanjay Singh

Associate Professor

Faculty of Agriculture Sciences 


Dr. Sneha Deshmukh

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Agriculture Sciences

Brief description / remarks:

The Faculty of Agriculture Sciences, Mandsaur University organised an online National Webinar on “Recent Advances in Food Processing”. The event was organized on the platform google meet on the occasion of world food day which is celebrated every year worldwide on 16th October to remind the date of foundation of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945. The theme of World Food Day 2022 was “Leave NO ONE behind” means everyone should get their food. The overall event was hosted by Dr. Sneha Deshmukh (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences). She welcomed the participants and guest speakers with gratefulness. After that, Dr. R. C. Verma (Director, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) highlighted the session with inspirational thought while extending gratitude towards speaker for sparing her valuable time for session. The resource person Dr. Vaishali Wankhade presented the lecture on the topic “Recent Advances in Food Processing”. First of all, she highlighted on the importance of food security that exists when all people at all times have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for active and healthy life. Then she discussed about the role of food processing in order to achieve food security goals i.e. availability, stability, utilization and accesses of food material. All these aspects are discussed and further move towards the resent processing techniques. Different thermal food processing and non thermal processes are discussed keeping in view the nutrient value of the product. The lecture was attended by more than 50 participants. Optimum time was provided to participants to discuss their doubts with expert speakers. At the end of the session participants were asked for feedback on google meet. Audience remarked that the session was very informative and useful to enhance their knowledge. After feedback session, at the end Dr. Sneha Deshmukh (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) offered formal vote of thanks to the guest speakers and participants. 


  • Participants were aware about the necessity of food security.
  • Participants came to know about role of food processing and impact of food processing.
  • Participants got knowledge of recent techniques of food processing i.e. thermal and non-thermal

No. of participants: More than 50

Prepared by: Dr. Sneha Deshmukh (Assistant Professor)

Verified and submitted by (Director): Prof R C Verma