Online Seminar – Email Etiquette: Tips and Techniques for Success

Online Seminar – Email Etiquette: Tips and Techniques for Success

Department: Communication Skills

Year/Semester:  Open to I Year, II semester students

Activity: “Online Seminar – Email Etiquette: Tips and Techniques for SuccessDate and Duration: 03 June, 2022

Brief description/ Remark:

Email etiquette is a set of commonly accepted social rules to be followed while communicating through email. These rules or principles of social conduct vary based on the purpose of email and the audience communicated with. Email communication constitutes a significant portion of our professional life. While we try to read and answer emails more efficiently, it is essential that we keep proper email etiquette in mind and follow commonly accepted social rules while drafting email helps us to create a positive image in the minds of employers and professional contacts.

 The Department of Communication Skills, Mandsaur University organised an online seminar on “Email; Etiquette: Tips and Technique for Success” for I year, II Semester students (B.Tech- Civil & Mechanical, BCA CC& BCA SACS, BSc Agriculture) on  June 3, 2022 to introspect, reflect and exhibit the highest levels of professionalism while sending and receiving emails.

The session focussed on the following topics: 

  • Time Management
  • Golden Standards for Email Etiquette
  • Written Communication
  • Emotional quotient
  • Eye for Detail
  • Different Cultures and Communication Style

The session was handled by Mr. Ashish Mittal, Group CHRO, Sreenidhi Education Group, Hyderabad. Around 180 students were present for the session. It was an interesting session as the students made it quite interactive by their plethora of questions.

The photos are given below for reference:

Outcome: Students got hands on training on the basics of Email writing, the do’s and don’ts of an effective email and the etiquettes to be followed, while drafting emails.

No. of participants: 180 Participants

Prepared by: Mr Vikram S. Panwar Asst. Prof. Comm. Skills, MU, Mandsaur M.P.

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Reshmi D C Das, HOD, Dept. of Comm. Skills, Mandsaur University.