“One week training program on Stock Market”

Department of Business Administration and Commerce organized “30 hours training program on Stock Market” for BBAIII, B.COMIII & MBAI for students of DBMC. The main object of the programme was to provide basics as well as practical aspect of Stock market. Prof. Shikha Machhopuriya welcomed all the students and highlighted the importance of the training program as well as Prof. Avinash Vikram discussed about the role of stock market in India and its importance as a career. In the inaugural session of workshop, Mr. Sachin Birla (Technical Analyst) highlighted about evolution of Stock market, its role in Indian economy, Getting familiarized with terminology: types of stocks, indices, exchanges, brokerage accounts, order types, bull / bear markets, primary & secondary market etc. After covering basic terminologies, Mr. Birla gave brief overview of margin, shorting, stock splits, market capitalization, dividends, stock market psychology &working of NSE, BSE etc.

On the last day of training programme Dr. Shailendra Sharma (Vice Chancellor, Mandsaur University) interact with students & motivate to appear in NCFM & NISM certification modules.