National Workshop on Transforming Libraries through LibSys Automation Software

National Workshop on Transforming Libraries through LibSys Automation Software

Department: Faculty of Library & Information Science

Year/sem:  2020

Activity: Workshop

Date and Duration: 15-16Feb, 2020 (02 days)

Title:  National Workshop on Transforming Libraries through LibSys Automation Software

Resource person/agency and affiliation:Dr. Nabi Hasan (Librarian, IIT Delhi), Dr. Saiyed Faieem (Madhav University), Mr. Sanjay Mehtiya (Team Lead Western/Southern Region, LibSys Ltd.)

Brief description / remarks: Faculty of Library & Information Science organized two days National Workshop on “Transforming Libraries through LibSys Automation Software” for library professionals.  

            The opening ceremony of the workshop is with lighting of lamp and Saraswati Vandana. Dr. Shailendra Sharma, Vice Chancellor of Mandsaur University welcomed Dr. Nabi Hasan (Librarian IIT Delhi) by given them a bookey and other resource persons also welcomed by Dr. Shailendra Sharma. Welcome address given by Dr. Ashwani Yadav. Dr. Nabi Hasan had given the brief description about the Web 2.0 and highlights the role of Librarian in Digital Era by Saying a Big Yes to importance of Librarian in this Google age. The session continued by Dr. Saiyed Faieem, He highlights the span of Library to becoming Information Centre. Further he accent on QR Code. The Next session would be continued by Mr. Sanjay Mehtiya in Computer Centre for practical exposure of LibSys to the participants.                The day second of workshop is also chaired by Mr. Sanjay Mehtiya by giving practical exposure of LibSys Automation Software.    Valedictory Session, Chaired by Dr. Shailendra Sharma, Dr. Lokeshwar Singh Jodhana, He appreciated the delegates by presenting them Memento/Certificates. A vote of thanks given by Dr. Mega Arora.   

Outcome: Participants were able to understand how library automation is necessary & how the role of librarian’s is also changing in digital era. Now we have entered in Paperless society where technologies have taking place of paper.  Hard Bound to Soft Bound and how Librarian’s are play most important role in disseminate information where information is on users hands’.

No. of participants: 101  (Present -69)

Prepared by : Dr. Ashwani Yadav (Convener of  Workshop)

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Ashwani Yadav