“MEGALITH” Paper bridge making competition

“MEGALITH” Paper bridge making competition


Year/sem: Diploma (I, II, III) year 

 B. Tech (I, II, III, IV) year

Activity: Onsite creative activity

Date and Duration: 13/03/21 (Full day)

Title: “MEGALITH” Paper bridge making competition

Objective: To design and build bridges spanning a 50 cm gap that can support the greatest possible load at mid  span.

Brief description / remarks:  

The Department of Civil Engineering organized Onsite creative activity “MEGALITH” Paper bridge making  competition for Civil Engineering Department students. The program was started at 10:30 am where Honourable Vice  Chancellor Sir interacted with the students and motivated the students for participation in these kinds of the activities  and also University level activities which is going to be conducted by all the departments of MU. In this event a total of  15 teams participated extensively and demonstrated their creativity after 2 hours of hard work.  

Dr. Pradeep Laxkar (Dean of Engineering Department) and Prof. Sanjeev Singh Chouhan (ME) were invited as  judges. The judges announced 4 results (Winner, Runner up-I, Runner up-II and Best design of paper bridge) according to their judgement parameter. At the end of Prize distribution program, Dr. Shailendra Sharma Sir and  respected judges of the Mandsaur University rewarded the students with trophies and certificates. All the students  enjoyed the event. 

The winners of the event are as follows: 

S.N. Name of students Semester/year Position
1. Vikas Katariya, Laxman Singh, Nilesh VIII/IV Winner
2. Kishor Dhangar, Utkarsh Porwal VIII/IV Runner up -I
3. Yash Yadav, Anuj Mali, Santosh VI/III Runner up -II
4. Manav Vishwakarma, Tanmay, Harsh VI/III Best Design of Bridge  (Additional)

The remaining students were encouraged by giving certificates.


By the end of these competition, students are able to understand:  

1. Bridges promotes the study and application of principles of physics and engineering. 

2. Team Work.  

3. Students developed their “hands on” skills.  4. This activity integrated academic knowledge with realistic and practical experiences.

No. of participants: 40

Prepared by: Ms. Vaibhavee Choubey, Asst. Professor Department of Civil Engineering.

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Azharuddin Sheikh.