Mechanical Engineering – Guest Lecture Series : Phase-II (Turbo Machines)

Mandsaur University has organized a Guest Lecture Program  on”Turbo Machines ” from 14th October to 16th October 2016 (Three days) in the Mechanical Engineering Department for B. E.  V Semester students  by Dr. Motilal  Rinawa(Government Engineering College :  Jhalawar Rajasthan). Dr. Rinawa  is an Eminent Professor in Mechanical Engineering , and is Ph.D. from( I I T ,Delhi) with  10+ years of experience in teaching He is TEQIP   Project coordinator and also visited China (Shanghai) regarding his research work .
Summary of The Guest  Lecture is as follows:

The following topics were covered:

  1. Principle of working of  steam turbines.
  2. Technical explanation of various component  parts of a Turbine.
  3. Significance of Turbo Machines.
  4. Applications of Rotary Machines.
  5. Allied Numerical problem solving on the steam turbines.
  6. Functional utility of Rotary compressors, fans and blowers their principle of working.
  7. Velocity  Triangle Analysis.
  8. Fluid Coupling and its industrial Applications.
  9. Torque convertor and its industrial applications.
  10. The Concept of Energy conversion in turbo machines.
  11. Numerical Problem solving.
  12. Power point