Management Development Program (MDP)

Management Development Program (MDP)

Faculty: Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce

Participants: MU Faculties and Students

Activity: Management Development Program (MDP)

Date and Duration:30 July 2022, 10:30 AM to 04:00 PM

Title:  Innovation, Entrepreneurship and MSME Scheme

Resource Person:

  1. Chief of Guest:- Mr. Gaurav Goyal, Asst Director, MSME Indore
  2. Guest of Honor:- Dr Kumar Gaurav, Asst Registrar, IIT, Indore
  3. Special Guest:- Mr. Puneet Khandelwal, Expert – Entrepreneurship & Director V One Hospital Indore

Brief description / remarks:

Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce in association with Department of Engineering organized Management Development Program (MDP) “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and MSME Scheme” on 30 July 2022. It was coordinated by Dr. Gurdip Singh Dean FBAC, Dr. Ravi Kumar HOD- Mechanical Engineering and Dr. B.K. Sharma Professor MCA Department.    

The MDP was started with the Saraswati Vandana followed by Honorable Vice Chancellor and  the welcome speech of Dr. Gurdip Singh Dean FBAC. Introduction of the guests highlighted the rich profile of the  Mr. Gaurav Goyal, Asst Director, MSME Indore,  Dr Kumar Gaurav, Asst Registrar, IIT, Indore, Mr. Puneet Khandelwal, Expert- Entrepreneurship & Director V One Hospital Indore 

Mr. Gaurav Goyal highlighted various Government Schemes, Funding and MSME Working  for Entrepreneurship.

Dr Kumar Gaurav Showed  IIT Indore Working Process and Guided towards Various Research Project for MSME and also guided towards Leadership Skiils.

Mr. Puneet Khandelwal Motivated students from various angles. Many of the students raise their questions related to MSME Funding, regarding Entrepreneurship 

Session was ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Shailendra Sharma (Dean Academics) During the session Deans and faculty members of respective departments were present. The activity was coordinated by Ms. Nidhi Rathore and Mizba Tai (MBA Final Year).

Outcome :

  • Faculties got knowledge about Innovation and Idea Generation in Industry
  • Students feel motivated and got idea towards Government Schemes and Support for Entrepreneurship.
  • Created positive energy among Faculties and Students 

No. of participants: 150

Prepared by: Dr. Jitendra Chouhan (Associate Professor, FBAC)

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. Avinash Vikram/ Dr. Gurdip Singh