Live Telecast of Chandrayaan 3 Landing

Live Telecast of Chandrayaan 3 Landing

Department: Internal Branding Committee, Mandsaur University

Year/Semester:  Hostel Students

Activity: Live Telecast of Chandrayaan 3 Landing

Date and Duration: 23.08.2023, 5:40 PM

Title:Live Telecast of Chandrayaan 3 Landing

Resource Person: IBC Team

Brief description/ Remarks: 

Mandsaur University organized live telecast of Chandrayaan 3 Landing on 23 August 2023 at 5:40 PM in LT-01 for the students residing in boys and girls hostel of campus 1. The key objective behind the conduction of live telecast is to watch the whole landing procedure, technicalities faced during the landing and other aspects on a big screen of LT-01. The telecast was started at 5:40 PM in the presence of Dean Academics, Hostel Warden of Boys and Girls hostel. All the students were having their eyes of speed of altitude reduction and its vertical speed without blinking their eyes. After successful landing, all the students welcomed the team of ISRO with clapping and slogan of Jai Hind and Jay Bharat. The team of JMC department was also covering every moment and lastly taken small bites of students and hostel wardens to understand their feelings towards this proud moment. The whole event was conducted under the guidance of Hon’ble Registrar sir.

Outcome :

  • To understand the precautions to be taken care, vertical speed reduction and team efforts of ISRO.

No. of participants: 120 plus

Prepared by:  Dr. Avinash Vikram, IBC Member

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Avinash Vikram, Internal Branding Committee