Learning Environment

Learning Environment

earning Environment

We believe in active interaction between the students and their faculty. The pedagogical methods and class-room techniques are designed to disseminate knowledge in the most effective manner.

Our mission is clearly defined to be the premier university making quality education and research available to the youth. This mission is supported by comprehensive strategic plan. Increasingly we are judging our performance in the contest of achievable but challenging benchmarks, thinking more globally we are about to embark upon establishing international relationships and making the university an exciting academic place to be in. Committed to advancement and dissemination of knowledge understanding and wisdom. The design of learning environments at the University has been developed by multi-disciplinary team, which include planners, management and senior faculty members.

The hallmark of our learning environment is:

  • Interactive learning
  • Comfortable seating with larger work surfaces
  • Wi-Fi campus, link to the internet from every learning room
  • Access to print and electronic material.