Kapishthal Upavan

Kapishthal Upavan

Mandsaur University

Mandsaur Institute of Ayurved Education & Research

Report on “Kapishthal Upavan”(Herbal Garden)

Department: Dravyaguna Vigyan, MIAER, MANDSAUR

Faculty Members

Dr. Suresh Saini (Professor)

Vd. Sushant Maksane (Associate Professor)

Dr. Rakesh Patidar (Assistant Professor)

Area of  Garden: Spread across 50000 square feet along with a green house

Species: More than 250 plant species


  • Garden has been designed and structured as per 13 strotas (Channels of circulation) mentioned in Ayurvediya Texts, first of its kind.
  • Design makes it easier for students to learn and understand medicines in a lucid way. Example- All medicines acting on brain (majja vaha strotas) have been placed together
  • Some very rare species like Rakt pushpi Agastya, Shwet Palash, Krishna Gunja, Pishaach kaarpas, Krishna dhattur, Naagkeshar, Rasna, Guggul, Jyotishmati, Krishna Haridra, Lajjalu, Rakt Chandan etc have been planted in garden and successfully grown despite extreme climatic conditions & shortage of water resources.

Summary: In house well developed garden with more than 250 species has successfully thrived and continues to grow in Campus 2 of Mandsaur University