International Women’s Day Celebration

International Women’s Day Celebration

8th March is celebrated as the “International Women’s Day: Pehchaan 2019”.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. It is an important celebration for all of us to enjoy happy hours for a moment to reflect on ourselves, to appreciate how much has been done and what else need to be done in the arena of Female emancipation. Moreover, it is a duty to acknowledge all the human beings in the world for making this world a better place, to uplift each other.

Mandsaur University took the initiative under the guidance of Mrs Shweta Nahata and celebrated this day with great elegance and sophistication. The idea was to felicitate the “First female of their profession”. The program started with a Saraswati Vandana performed by the young girls.

If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.

Keeping this in view, program coordinator Mrs Mudita Nagar along with the students of BCA department explored the outlying districts and suburbs to meet such women who wrestled to come out of a life of repressions for a long period of time, women who allowed their voice to raise their opinions and women who viewed themselves as equal beings and presented themselves as models and not the creators. The idea that a woman can work, be a sportswoman, be an entrepreneur, be a PTI, be an educator, a farmer is as productive as a man and receive the same award happens to a point.

These warriors were felicitated by our guests. The renowned females were Leela Patidar (farmer), Kirti Tomar (student), Shanta Vyas (PTI), Anuya Kulkarni (Sportswoman), Dr Hazra Membersab (Principal and educator), Pooja Patidar (Female Entrepreneur). The invitees were Dr Nasreen Qureshi, Mrs Hema Hingar, Mrs Sapna Bastian.

A mini documentary film was bestowed to comment and glorify the women of the day. Girls of MBA department also narrated the evolution of a mother since the birth of her child and also portrayed the warrior side of a woman by presenting that behind ever smile, there’s a story of personal struggle.

Last but not the least, the fourth class female employees were commended by Mrs. Shweta Nahata. The program was concluded with an inauguration of Tourism and Hospitality Labs. The ribbon cutting ceremony was done by our invitees and awardees. All the laboratories were demonstrated by Dr. Lokeshver Singh Jodhana (HOD: Tourism & Hospitality Management).

Tourism and Hospitality labs will make student familiar with travel and hotel industry. In these labs, students of tourism and hospitality will learn about working of front office, restaurant, reservations, bookings etc.

Front office lab gives a complete look of front office of any standard five star hotel at national and international level. In this lab, students can practice the process of hotel front office working like check in, check out, bill desk, keys handling, waiting lounge etc by their own. Second lab is training restaurant which is a complete set-up of restaurant and bar of American Tradition. Lab has large number of utensils which help to get information about food and beverage department of hotel. By this lab, students can learn about the serving and eating culture at international level. Last but not the least travel and tourist lab has variety of reservation software. This lab will give overview of travel arrangement and facilities during the tour and how it will helpful for client.