Inter-Department Cricket  Championship-2022

Inter-Department Cricket  Championship-2022

Department: Department of Physical Education

Participants:  All Departments

Activity: Inter-Department Cricket  Championship-2022

Date:           10th to 20th March 2022

Brief description/ Remark

The Inter Department Cricket Championship-2022, Mandsaur University was organized from 10th to 20th March 2022 at playground, Campus-2, M.U. Total number of 9 teams was participated in this championship and the interesting one in this championship was that 2 girls are compulsory and 2 faculties are allowed to play the matches in each team. The final match was played between the Department of Ayurveda and the Department of Pharmacy. The grand final match was opening by Brig. Dr. Bharat Singh Rawat, Honorable Vice Chancellor, M.U. The Department of Pharmacy won the Title of the Inter Department Cricket Championship-2022, M.U. and runner-up won by the Department of Ayurveda. On behalf of the Department of Physical Education, it’s heartfelt thanks to all faculties, sports coordinators and participants of all Departments for well cooperating and helping us for successfully organized the championship.

The brief results of the championship is given below:

Day & Date of MatchMatch between (VS)ResultWinner team
1st Day Date: 10/3/2022Department of Engineering VS Department of Life Science88/2Engineering won by 8 wickets
2nd  Day Date: 11/3/2022B.P.Ed VS Combined Team of Arts132/7B.P.Ed  won by 66 runs  
3rd  Day Date: 12/3/2022Department of Ayurveda VS Department of Computer Science173/7Ayurveda won by 113 runs
4th  Day Date: 14/3/2022DBMC VS Department of Pharmacy71/9Pharmacy won by 107 runs
5th  Day Date: 15/3/2022Department of Engineering VS Department of Agriculture81/7Engineering won by 3 wickets
6th  Day Date: 16/3/2022 First Semifinal B.P.Ed VS Department of Pharmacy120/4Pharmacy won by 6 wickets
7th  Day Date: 16/3/2022 Second SemifinalDepartment of Ayurveda VS Department of Engineering109/5Ayurveda won by 34 runs
8th  Day Date: 16/3/2022 FinalDepartment of Ayurveda VS Department of Pharmacy75/10Pharmacy won by 10 wickets


  1. Determining a winner among the Department.
  2. Ordering players by playing strength.
  3. Giving players an opportunity to compete.
  4. It can improve sporty spirit and maintaining good discipline.

No. of participants: Total 187 participants from 9 teams among the 17 Departments of the University.
Prepared by: Dr. L. Shila Devi, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, Mandsaur University
Verified and Submitted by: Dr. Shamsher Singh, HOD, Department of Physical Education, Mandsaur University.