Industry Academia Interaction

Industry Academia Interaction

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

 Year/sem:    All Students (B.Tech. & Diploma )

Activity: Industry Academia Interaction

Date and Duration:  05/10/2023 (Thursday) (01 Day)

Resource person/agency and affiliation:   Mr. Pushpendra Singh (Asset Manager, Renewable Energy Ltd.)

Brief description / remarks: 

An Industry Academia Interaction was organized by the EEE department on 05.10.2023, (12:00 PM to 01:00 PM). 

 Mr. Pushpendra Singh working as an Assitant Manager, at Renewable Energy Ltd.

The collaboration between industries and academia has long been recognized as a catalyst for innovation, skill development, and the advancement of knowledge. This report aims to shed light on the importance of industry-academic interaction from the perspective of an industry professional. It delves into the benefits, challenges, and recommendations for fostering a more robust and productive relationship between these two vital sectors. The interplay between industry and academia is critical for the holistic development of society.

Mr. Pushpendra Singh has shared his experiences of working in the company. He demonstrated the whole workings of power generation, transmission, and distribution associated with wind power plants with the help of a knowledgeable presentation. He provides practical insights, real-world problems, and resources, students find this interaction very informative, and innovative.


  • Knowledge Transfer: Interaction facilitates the transfer of cutting-edge knowledge, allowing our institution to stay relevant and industry to tap into the latest research.
  • Skill Development: Academia can tailor curricula to industry demands, producing graduates with practical skills and industry-ready knowledge.
  • Innovation: Joint projects encourage innovation, leading to the development of new technologies, products, and solutions that benefit both sectors.
  • Recruitment: Industries have the opportunity to identify and recruit top talent from academia, reducing the gap between classroom learning and workplace requirements.

No. of participants: 111

Prepared by : Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki, AP, EEE and Mr. Piyush Agrawal, AP, EEE

Verified by (HOD/HOI): HOD: Mr. Virendra Jain