Industrial Visit to Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited (thermal power plant)

Industrial Visit to Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited (thermal power plant)

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering 

 Year/sem:    B.Tech. II & III year and Diploma II year Students

Activity: “Industrial Visit”

Date and Duration:  26/05/2023 (Friday) (01 Day)

Title:     “ Industrial Visit to Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited (thermal power plant)”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:    

 Training officer  : Mr.  Hemant Tatwal (SE) Internal Faculty Coordinators: Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki

Brief description / remarks: 

The purpose of the visit was to gain practical knowledge and insights into the operations of a thermal power plant.  A visit to a thermal power plant can provide you with valuable insights into the process of generating electricity using fossil fuels. The Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department of Mandsaur University, Mandsaur had organized an industrial visit to Gujarat Ambuja thermal power plant, Mandsaur on 26th May 2023. A total of 24 students and 1 faculty from the department visited the Power station. 

Throughout the day, students were accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, Mr.  Hemant Tatwal, SE of the plant,   who explained the various areas and processes within the power plant.  

The tour began in the boiler room, where we witnessed the impressive boilers used for the combustion of fossil fuels; Sir explained the fuel types used in the plant and their impact on energy production. Then students proceeded to the turbine hall. Here, they observed the massive steam turbines that convert the energy from the high-pressure steam into mechanical energy. In the generator room, students had the opportunity to witness the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy. Next, they visited the control room, which served as the command center of the power plant with live operation on the SCADA system after those students visited the oil refinery and packaging section. 

It was an informative, exciting, and successful industrial visit for the students.

Outcome :     

The visit was an incredibly informative and enriching experience. It provided valuable insights into the operations of a thermal power plant, from the combustion of fossil fuels to the generation of electricity. The tour not only enhanced theoretical knowledge of students but also practical knowledge also.

No. of participants: 24

Prepared by : Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki

Verified by (HOD/HOI): HOD: Mr. Virendra Jain