Induction Programme 2022 for newly admitted students

Induction Programme 2022 for newly admitted students

Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  1st year B.Tech and Diploma EEE Students

Activity: Orientation Programme 2022

Date and Duration: 24/08/2022, duration: -2:00 hour

Title:  Induction Programme 2022 for newly admitted students

Resource person/agency and affiliation:  Mr. Anuj Lodhi (A.P., EEE Dept.), Mr. Virendra Jain (HOD., EEE Dept.)

Brief description / remarks: Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized Induction Programme 2022 for the newly admitted first-year B. Tech and Diploma Students. Out of 18 registered participants, 12 participated in Induction Programme from B. Tech and Diploma (1st-year students).

The primary objective of this Induction Programme is to serve as a strong foundation for the first-year students for beginning their four years long journey. It began with the conduction of the orientation program on a small index basis so that the program would be effective. The Induction program then made way for an excess of extracurricular activities that looked to infuse the young minds with creativity and enhance their professionalism. Engaging talks which laid parallels on how such factors go hand in hand in shaping the lives of individuals captivated and inspired the student. To make the students understand the importance of building and nurturing character, making it an essential quality of one’s life, be it a professional life, civilian life, or as a human being.

Mr. Anuj Lodhi (A.P. EEE Dept.) presents the induction program in which he discusses about past and presents going activities, workshops, interaction, guest lectures, expert lectures, ABL activities, competitions, webinars, industrial visits, achievements, and many more.

Mr. Virendra Jain Sir (HOD EEE Dept.) presents the schemes, activities, and schedules and motivates the students to perform at an optimum level and also discusses future trends in electrical engineering amongst students.

Mr. Siddheswar Kar (A.P. EEE Dept.) discusses discipline, and respect amongst MU faculties and their seniors.

Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki (A.P. EEE Dept.) discusses “why engineering is important in life” and an overview of the future scope for students.

Mr. Kapil Kumar Badoliya (A.P. EEE Dept.) discusses the purpose of education amongst students and also explains why education is important in life.  

The Coordinator Mr. Anuj Lodhi and Mr. Kapil Kumar Badoliya present the induction program, and the motivation conveyed by Mr. Virendra Jain HOD EEE.

Outcome: The Programme creates awareness about engineering education and their chosen field.

• The exposure to schemes, rules, and regulations, discipline.

• The understanding of future scopes, several activities, workshops, and recent trends. 

• Exposure to Placements, industries, government, and private organizations. 

• Exposure to short terms goals, focus on studies, practices, objectives, communication skills, morality, and key duties.• Students can reflect upon the various next steps available to them after a teaching event and determine which, based on student outcomes and their own skill and knowledge, would be best to pursue.

No. of participants:   12/18

Prepared by:  Mr. Anuj Lodhi, Assistant Professor, EEE Department

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD (EEE Dept.)