INDEXEL Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kota, Rajasthan

INDEXEL Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kota, Rajasthan

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Year/sem: All Students (B.Tech. & Diploma )

Activity: “Industrial Visit”

Date and Duration: 07/05/2020 (Saturday) (01 Day)

Title: “INDEXEL Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kota, Rajasthan”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:   Training officer: Er. Prateek Mittal, Senior Engineer, INDEXEL Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kota, Rajasthan

Brief description / remarks: 

The formation of a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge is very much important for  Engineers, without that bridge no one can become a complete engineer. Engineering skills are developed by  maintaining a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. To achieve this, the Electrical &  Electronics Engineering Department of Mandsaur University, Mandsaur has organized INDEXEL Engineering  Pvt. Ltd. Kota, Rajasthan on 7th April 2022. A total of 25 students and 2 faculties from the department visited  the industry.  

The intention of this Industrial visit was to offer an exceptional outlook to all the students to relate to and  recognize more about the Industrial environment. The objective was to lend a hand to the students to create a  practical outlook on the field. Er. Prateek Mittal, Senior Engineer of the company, explained the entire working cycle of panel designing,  panel making, and connection with the entire devices. Students visited several connections sections where they  got to know how relays, Circuit Breakers (ACB, VCB), Star-delta Starters, Transformers, VFDs, Bus-bars, CT,  PT, etc. fitted and connected with other devices, other necessary instruments, and contactors.

Outcome :  

The visit was very productive as students observed and collected very important matter-of-fact information which  is not offered in books and other literature. Students learned about field instruments and futuristic devices which  reduce human efforts and handle unnatural situations at some level. 

It was an informative, interesting, and successful industrial visit for the students of Electrical Engineering and  Diploma courses.

No. of participants: 25

Prepared & Coordinate by : Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki & Mr. Piyush Agrawal, AP, EEE

Verified by (HOD/HOI): HOD: Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD EEE