Importance of English Language

Importance of English Language

The AARAMBH program began its first session “IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE/ GENERAL CONDUCT” for first year students on 18th and 19th September and on 30th September respectively. As first year graduates, it is always believed that students are quite enthusiastic to grab innovative ways to become smart and incorporate a well maintained grooming style in their lives which subsequently adds to their coming years and professional world. The motto of this session was to inculcate spoken skills in students and to groom them so as to make them smart in the campus and in real world. The three-hour session was divided into two parts.

The speaker of the session was Ms Tanushree Shrivastav, HOD, Communication Skills, MU and Mr. Shivam Dubey, Department of Journalism, MU.

Day one (18.09.2019) session began with the students from Engineering departments, Tourism, Fashion, Journalism, Management, Computer Application, Education and Library Science. The first half session was taken by Ms Shrivastav who taught smart approaches towards spoken English. She taught that utilizing smart vocabulary, correct pronunciation and groomed phrases and idioms are the punchlines to become smart in professional world. She also emphasized on the importance of reading English newspapers, listening English music and phrases commonly used in Whatsapp English.

Mr. Dubey began with an informal session to make students aware of corporate grooming. He also emphasized on the innovative ways to approach in the professional world by grooming oneself. Manners, etiquettes, attire, makeup and positive approach towards life is an important key to update oneself in the professional career.

Students also got a lot of motivation with the inspirational and provocative words of our esteemed chancellor Shree Narendra Nahata. He is an inspiring ocean of knowledge and resource for the students. With his vast experience, he interacted with all the students on day one and taught them the difference between school and college and made them realize the importance of being a student of MU.

Day two (19.09.2019) began with the same session and a new outlook with the students of Agriculture, Life science and Physical Education. Students were taught to not be afraid of English and were given various examples of how farming and biotechnology is booming in Western Countries and how the approach is accepted with smart English.

Day three (30.09.2019) was allotted to the students of Pharmacy (Campus-II) who were taught the techniques to approach in the professional world with smart English and in a well groomed manner in order to sustain in the world class pharmaceutical companies.

The session was mandatory for all the students of first year. The faculty coordinators from every department were supportive in making this session a successful one. Students were attentive during the session and a lot of improvement was seen in them during the session days. A lot of positive feedback was given by the students by the end of the session.

Overall, the session helped students to come out of their comfort zone and preached them to wake up and look around the office; to face the reality to maintain a constant sustainability in the world and to rise like a pro- active person.