Hockey Training Program

Hockey Training Program

Department: Department of Physical Education

Year/Semester:  B.P.Ed Students ( IV Sem)

Activity: Hockey Training Program

Date and Duration: 18.05.2023 (6:30am – 01:00p.m.)

Brief description/ Remark

The Faculty of Physical Education, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur was conducted a Hockey Training Program 2023 on 18th May 2023 at Turf Hockey Ground (Mandsaur) for the academic session of 2021-2023 IV semester. There were 66 students of IV Semester participated in the training program. The program was conducted with the collaborations of Sports Youth and Welfare and Hockey Mandsaur Under MOU. 

This Program was conducted under the Supervision of Dr. Shamsher Singh, HOD, department of Physical Education, MU and under the guidens of Mr. Vijendra Devda, Dist. Sports Officer, Sport Youth & Welfare Department Mandsaur and Mr. Avinash Upadhyay, secretary Hockey Mandsaur, Mandsaur.

The following persons were involved and give training to the students

Mr. Abdul Razzak, Sports Officer, Govt. college, Daloda,

 Dr. Dinesh Saini, Sports Officer, Jeerana, Neemach,

 Mr. Unmesh Utthasani, Assistant Professor, TMU, Moradabad,

 Dr. AYush Trivedi, Govt. Law college, Shahjapur, Ujjain, 

Mr. Vaibhav SAI Coach, Mandsaur, 

Mr. Ravi Khakganwarkar, Hockey Coach, Mandsaur.

Dr. Rohit Sharma, Asst. Professor, Department of Physical Education, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur welcome the Guests & Introduced the Coaches. At the end Dr. Rohit Sharma give the vote of thanks to all coaches.


1) Knowledge of hockey basic skill.

2) Development of basic skills.

3) Knowledge of officiating.

4) Knowledge of Rules & Regulations.

5) Development of fitness.

6) The student will be able to promote hockey in schools as a sports.

7) The certificate of training program will be helpful in the career of students.

No. of participants: 66 Students

Prepared by: Dr. Najmuddin Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education,

Verified and Submitted by: Dr. Shamshar Singh, HOD,  Department of Physical Education,