HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

Club: Social Awareness & Environment Sustenance Club (NSS Unit)

Year/Semester: NSS Volunteers, Mandsaur University

Activity:  “Awareness Program (Red Ribbon Club Activity)”

Date and Duration: 05.12.2022 , 10.30 AM- 12.00 PM

Title: “HIV/AIDS Awareness Program”

Resource Person: Dr. Eswaran. H.T., MD (Ayurveda) Associate Professor Dept. of Swasthavritta & Yoga, MIAER, Mandsaur University

Brief description/ Remarks: 

The World AIDS Day observed every year on 1st December to aware people about the HIV/AIDS causes, symptoms, prevention etc. With the same objectives the Social Awareness & Environment Sustenance Club (NSS Unit) of Mandsaur University in association with M.P. State AIDS Control Society has organized “HIV/AIDS Awareness Program” on 05.12.2022 under Red Ribbon Club activities. The expert for the program was Dr. Eswaran. H.T., MD (Ayurveda) Associate Professor Dept. of Swasthavritta & Yoga, MIAER, Mandsaur University.

The event started with the briefing about the program by student coordinator Ms. Shreya BAMS III yr followed by worship of God Dhanvantari. In the beginning of technical session, Dr. Deepak Yadav, Principal, MIAER, Mandsaur University discussed in brief about the HIV/AIDS, its prevalence in current scenario and need of awareness program.  After this, Dr. Shekhar Jain, Director NSS, briefed about the role of NSS and Red Ribon club (RRC), its objectives, importance of such awareness program and urged students to transform their education for the welfare of society.  During the expert talk, Dr. Eswaran enlightened the students about HIV/AIDS issues in elaborative manner. He discussed about the mechanism and mode of HIV Virus infection, different stages of AIDS, and ways of prevention as well as cleared their misconception e.g. ‘Mosquito bite spread HIV’, ‘sharing cloths spread HIV’ etc. During the question-answer session, he interacted with all participants and answered all the questions raised in a very elaborative and informative way. The concluding remark with vote of thanks was given by Dr. Rahul Trivedi, Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mandsaur University. He also appraised the NSS volunteer’s efforts and instructed them to spread the awareness message among the society.

The program was successfully coordinated by the faculty coordinator Dr. Rahul Trivedi (Coordinator Campus 2) and Ms. Teena Yadav (Secretary NSS) with students coordinator Aman Singh, Savan Oswal, Shivam Rathore of B. Pharma III year and Deshna Jain, Akshay, Mihir Chandrasen, Aadish of BAMS Final year. Faculty members of healthcare departments like Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Ayurveda and Nursing of Mandsaur University were also present in the program 


HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is one of the world’s most serious public health challenges.  Therefore, there is a strong need to have a global commitment to stop the new HIV infections and ensuring that everyone with HIV has access to possible treatment. HIV/AIDS Awareness is a campaign designed to help prevent HIV infections and eliminate stigma by educating students on this disease. This activity enhanced awareness about HIV/AIDS causes, mechanism, symptoms, prevention, misconception etc. among the participants and developed a sense of commitment to spread the knowledge gained throughout the society.

No. of participants: 120 (Students + Faculties)

Prepared by: Ms. Teena Yadav, Secretary, NSS, Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by: Dr. Shekhar Jain, Director, NSS, Mandsaur University